A brand represents a promise. To uncover your promise we engage your people, your advocates and your future customer. Through their eyes, your identity is born. We’re here to bring it to life through verbal and visual elements.


From strategy to implementation, we will build a powerful online presence for your brand – on any platform. Creating the best experience for your user is our number one priority.

Public Relations

Your brand doesn’t need a PR firm. You need a team who is immersed in today’s culture. We’re news junkies, buzz-builders, influencers, event creators and social butterflies. We’re in the business of knowing and making you known. 



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Ah, Throwback Thursday. A time to go through old posts, tags and perhaps even embarrassing family photos. Luckily, here at Scream, we’ve always been pretty darn cute – you don’t have to take our word for it either (see for yourself below). So for a Throwback Thought, we wanted to know – what did the […]

Do they put butter in that yoghurt?

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The peeps at Scream Agency know that I’m a yoghurt aficionado. Look in our Scream fridge. Lora’s yoghurt all over the place. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t consume some yoghurt. That wasn’t the case two years ago. But, after nutritional coaching from our friends at BodyLab Fitness, I was told I […]

Here for a fitting? Let’s try on various types of Experiential Marketing.

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Just like there are different types of skis for different levels of skiers, there are different types of Experiential tactics for different brands. And many of the same things factor in when you’re choosing which one that is best for you: budget, risk tolerance, visual stimulation, years of experience, terrain choice, etc. So which Experiential […]

What We Believe

  • Strategy ≥ Creative
  • It’s not our objective to reinvent the wheel. We’re just here to help you pick out the best rims.
  • It’s easy. Just never be boring, always think strategically and in the best interest for a client’s brand mission.
  • Create work that people will put on their fridge.
  • It’s all about the personal relationships with client and brand.