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With the team fresh off of Outdoor Retailer, I took a few minutes to reflect on my own experiences in the outdoor industry space. From the ten thousand lakes of my Minnesotan motherland to my new home full of purple mountain majesty, there are literally thousands of opportunities to explore the great American wilderness, but Millennials like myself just don’t. I know what you’re thinking, “can the articles about that stupid lazy generation just stop already!” Hear me out though.

We want so badly to see the world. We don’t like the stereotype of the lazy, entitled 90’s kid as much as you don’t like reading about it. We want to see mountains and lakes and everything in-between. Here’s the thing though: we’re confused, broke, and primarily urban. We are not, however, hopeless cases.


Proof I go outside sometimes.

The outdoor industry, like many others, will benefit from targeting Millennials. We’re expected to have more purchasing power than any generation before. There are also just a lot of us, which doesn’t hurt. None of this is a surprise. Outdoor brands specifically however have several hurdles that need to be addressed before they can get a hold of such a lucrative market.

First off, products need to be marketed as more accessible. Walk into your local REI and you’ll be bombarded with tons of great gear. Where to even start? I have no idea what an ultralight synthetic hard-shell jacket that allows air permeability of 20 CFM even is. For years outdoor brands have made leaps and bounds in innovating gear to compete with each other. This technology has moved so fast with so few noticing that now, unless you’re a die-hard outdoors person, even shopping for something as simple as a shirt can make you feel alienated.

By no means should brands abandon this innovation. However, when it comes to branding, by focusing less on the specs of the gear itself and more on the lifestyle surrounding it, the products will be inherently more accessible and attractive to a wider market.unspecified-4

Outdoor brands also need to consider how Millennials will use their product. We’re broke. There’s no hiding that. We can’t simply pack up after work one day and fly to Mount Hood or the Black hills for an adventure. Instead we’re looking for adventure where we already live—typically the metropolis. Activities like paddle sports, indoor bouldering, and indoor climbing are gaining popularity. In 2014 alone, 2.8 million people in the U.S. participated in stand up paddleboarding and that number is still growing. With these activities gaining traction the demand for new gear will skyrocket: something outdoor brands should keep in mind.

Like every other industry, the success of a brand depends entirely on its ability to understand and engage with consumers. By carving out a more accessible, urban space in the existing industry, outdoor brands will effectively be able to entice the ever elusive millennial into the wild.

P.s if anyone has any pack suggestions for this clueless, broke millennial put it in the comments!


With Summer Outdoor Retailer just a few weeks away, we’re in full head-down mode here at Scream Agency – booking editorial appointments for clients, setting up dinners with old friends in the industry, and setting our own agenda for our trip to Salt Lake City.

Also, coming up with this list of tips to help you stack the deck and make the most of the Show.

  1. Book early. We know this isn’t an ideal tip just a few weeks before the OR Show but appointments, especially with editorial staff, book quickly. It’s best to try to get on their schedule early.
  2. Create a booth experience  – even outside the booth. Keen does a killer job of extending the Show experience off the floor with their grassroots marketing. Develop something that speaks to your brand, keep it clean and open to best showcase your product, be personable and approachable, work the space! Get creative. Our client Cushe used a shipping container as their booth which made for great transporting, clean lines and a private meeting space in the back.cushebooth
  3. Shake hands. We’ve made some great connections on the show floor – from new friends to new clients, the only way to get it done is to shake hands and strike up a conversation. Which shouldn’t be hard since we obviously all share a love of the outdoors.
  4. Coffee up + stay hydrated. Start the day off right with a pour over and then stick to the H2O (well, that is, before happy hour begins). With so many great bottles companies exhibiting, you won’t even have an excuse. We love Miir’s dedication to give back since every purchase goes to support a clean water project. Mobot even offers a a duel purpose with their foam roller bottle!
  5. Make a short list. With over 1,600 brands on site and nearly 50,000 people – it can be easy to lose track of brands you wanted to check out. Spend some time over the next few weeks reviewing the exhibitor list and create a Note, Google Doc or something easy for you to access on the go (ideally without Internet connection since reception can be spotty).
  6. Pick up an ORD as you enter the show every day – it’s the survival guide + bible of the four-day experience.
  7. Surprise and Delight. Tradeshows are exhausting and sometimes downright boring. What will you do to keep the buzz in the booth and in your brain? Find a way to surprise and delight your key customers (and yourself) every day. Maybe you have your favorite local beer from your hometown ready for your customer when they show up at 4 p.m. Or, can you treat yourself to a Yoga class after a long day on the show floor?
  8. Get personal. You have your name badge slung around your neck. Can you add something personal to it? Maybe you can add a sticker that shares your favorite summer hike or cocktail of choice…anything to create a conversation starter.DCIM105GOPRO

Feeling ready? Good. Now let us help you further stack the deck at OR. Send us an email and we’ll deliver your free deck of playing cards (one in-person magic trick included). Reach us at: lora@screamagency.com for more.

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go, you’ve either been wearing blinders for the last week or you’re lying to yourself. The augmented-reality app based around the beloved Pokémon characters already has more users than the ever-infamous dating app, Tinder (it’s good to see people have their priorities straight). Even more impressive, however, is that the number of trainers looking to “catch ’em all” is about to overtake the number of daily active users on Twitter.

Trainers are going all in, too. You may have noticed that Snapchat’s newest universal geotag gives you the option to log the number of miles snappers have traveled in their quest to be the very best there ever was. True to its name, Pokémon Go has people going.

Thanks Wazee Super Club!

Thanks Wazee Super Club!

If you have had your blinders on, let me fill you in….

Players move through their real world to find one of two places: a Pokéstop to refresh on Pokéballs, potions, and other items or to gyms where they can battle Pokémon to gain control of the location for their team (go Valor!) Both of these locations are typically places of note around your respective city. Even some of our own clients have found themselves to be Pokéstops!

Already, businesses have realized something revolutionary: these gyms and Pokéstops are absurdly efficient at luring in customers. Literally.

In the game, items called lures can be purchased using in-game currency (each one costs about 99 cents) and are essentially upgrades to increase the number of Pokémon in the vicinity for a half an hour at a time. Lures are public and show up on the app’s map so everyone can see and take advantage of them. Look at it this way, for $5 anyone can instantly make hundreds of Pokémon Go users aware of their establishment. That’s minimal spending for two-and-a-half hours with hordes of trainers looking to park it somewhere and catch Pokémon. Restaurants and coffee shops especially are capitalizing on this opportunity. At the time of this writing someone has put a lure on the Pokéstop at the restaurant right across from our office.

Even just yesterday I found myself at a new happy hour place simply because they were right on a lure site. Realistically I never would have given the place a second glance had it not been for the pretty falling petals on my app’s map. Not only was it an amazing happy hour but I also caught a Pidgeot!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.11.53 PM

Instagram @sandwichbowl_lawrenceks

If your business isn’t on or near a Pokéstop, there are still ways to capitalize on the craze. Some places are going so far as to offer a discount to trainers from their favorite team whether it’s Instinct, Mystic, or Valor.


Fortunately this craze, and the opportunities it presents, is just getting started. The game creates a unique hybrid of virtual and in-person chances to get creative and goofy and interact with people who could easily become lifetime customers.


What is your brand doing to take advantage of the Pokécraze?

With the Cannes Lions wrapping up, I’m reminded of my own first run-ins with the finest creative that agencies have to offer. Growing up, my account executive mother decided to spearhead a Christmas Eve tradition for our family. Namely, attending a showing of The British Arrow Awards at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. While to most it might seem like a waste of time to watch commercials for an hour and a half, the evening is actually a wonderful celebration of creativity in the art of advertising. Between that and our religious viewings of new episodes of Mad Men, you could say that I never stood a chance.


So here I am: A proud Scream Agency intern. Learning how to take the pulse of what’s going on in the world and turn them into moving, memorable stories. Helping businesses be seen and heard while getting to hang out with some pretty amazing people. Needless to say it’s a pretty perfect post-grad summer.

What most people don’t realize is the blood, sweat and tears that go into curating the perfect story to tell. The Lions demonstrate perfectly ads that have successfully captured the circumstances of the world and turned them into performances. For example, this year in particular was a big year for sports. With COPA recently wrapped up, the Euro cup entering the quarterfinals, and the Rio Olympic qualifiers in full swing, it’s no wonder that the most outstanding agencies tapped into this spirit for their clients. 25% of the Grand Prix and gold winners from the two-film contest were sports-related. Of these, half were not selling sports gear. Beer behemoth Guinness won by highlighting the coming out story of rugby player Gareth Thomas. Evoking powerful emotions on the importance of teammates the spot, Never Alone, is truly goosebump inducing. Sony (TKO) and Bodyform (Blood) made waves, as well, using robust sports cinematography and themes of endurance to stand out from the competition all while not touting athletic gear.


Using world events as a springboard for your brand’s campaign is a great way to get your audience’s attention. Beautiful imagery and clever copywriting are, of course, a must. However, there needs to be an underlying strategy of storytelling. The use of universally recognized events such as COPA or the Olympics and their themes of endurance, camaraderie, and heart makes your brand immediately accessible to millions while simultaneously making it memorable.


Scream Agency, an award-wining, Denver-based advertising, branding, digital and PR agency, is looking for an art director/graphic/production designer.

Our “Must” list:

  • Art Direction/Design — Concept design development and production of ads, brochures, direct mail campaigns, web sites and other online promotional materials; management of campaigns/projects including photography/illustration or video production; and assistance in design/development of illustrations/charts/diagrams.
  • Project/Production Management — Assist Account Executive in the production management of jobs from concept through final print production, including press checks and pre-press production.
  • Creative Systems Management — Assist in managing the creative production system including hard copy and digital file archival; client file storage; and systems management.
  • Web/Digital — Experience in website design + code efficiency.
  • Experience: 3-7 years of experience, knowledge of all design programs (Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator a must) and interactive (web design/online, WordPress a plus).

 Salary: Competitive

 Clients/accounts: Financial/wealth management, non-profit, arts, outdoor/retail, education, fitness, banking, restaurants, high-tech/B2B.

Start date: Now or within the next 30-60 days (possibly freelance to start).

Advantages to the job: Open, creative, collaborative work environment that encourages feedback and ideas. Dog snuggles. Located in LoDo, walking distance from everything you need.

If you’re interested AND meet the expectations, please send your resume to info@screamagency.com.

This summer Scream Agency is excited to introduce two interns to the team: Anna and myself, Rikki! We are both eager to join this creative and fun environment, to learn the ins-and-outs of the advertising and PR world and to spend some quality time with puppies (including Anna’s puppy – Kevin!). Get to know us a little bit better below!


Anna Libra 

1. Where are you from and what brought you to Colorado?

I’m from Burnsville, Minnesota and came to Colorado through a convoluted series of events, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

2. What is your favorite place in Colorado?

I am still figuring Colorado out! If you have any suggestions let me know.

3. What are you hoping to get out of this internship at Scream Agency?

I’m excited to have the opportunity to wear lots of different hats and to work on a range of projects from creative to public relations.

4. What is your favorite beer?

Blue Moon, but love trying local beer.

5. Any fun facts we should know about?

I can write in Tengwar Elvish (from Lord of the Rings).


Rikki Wedgle

1. Where are you from and what brought you to Colorado?

I’m a Denver native. I decided to stay because it’s the best place in the world!

2. Can you confirm for our audience which state is the best?

Colorado, obviously.

3. Where is your Colorado happy place?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Not only for the concerts but also for the workouts!

4. What are you hoping to get out of this internship with Scream?

To learn the secrets of PR and to gain real world experience.

5. Do you know your Myer’s Briggs type? If so what is it?

ESFJ (The Consul)

6. Any fun facts we should know about?

I aim to climb at least one fourteener per summer!


(We’re the bunny interns!)

Scream Agency is pleased to unveil the 2016/17 creative concept for Colorado Ballet. Where athlete meets art.

In collaboration with Colorado Ballet Artistic Director, Gil Boggs and celebrated photographer, Allen Birnbach, Scream Agency created a new campaign that highlights the collision of athleticism and artistry.

Our initial brainstorm consisted of a deep dive into the preconceived notions and ultimately blatant misconceptions of ballerinas and the ballet. We found that the majority of non-ballet patrons considered the experience to be unapproachable, artsy, and the ballerinas to be weak or fragile. We found these stigmas, though untrue, were creating a rift in these people’s desire to attend or even consider the ballet.

Fortunately, where there is tension, there is opportunity. And this tension point opened the floodgates of opportunity that inspired the 2016/2017 creative campaign, which sets out to destroy these pre-conceived notions.

We’ve removed the beautiful costumes, pulled away the intricate sets and showcased the dancers as they are, athletes.

General campaign launches August 2016.


Milkbox Ice Creamery – If the temperature outside is hitting over 85 degrees, we require a scoop of Little Man to cool down. It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, and conveniently located two blocks from our office.

Steuben’s Arvada – All the charm of the Uptown standard, without the wait.

Illegal Pete’s on Colfax – Where it feels Pete’s always belonged. Also, queso.

Work & Class – Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter the season – you can always find our Director of PR sipping on a whiskey clove ginger and ordering 1/2 the menu at this shipping container hotspot. Try to score a spot on the covered patio this time of year, like driving in your car with the windows down but the AC on. You know what we’re talking about.

Avanti F&B – Take in the views on the rooftop and grab a bowl from MiJo (or one of the other six restaurant offerings).

Telegraph – Edison bulb patio lights illuminate this intimate patio setting with a warm and inviting glow. Community tables make of reclaimed wood and iron line the paved stoned patio while young couple and hipsters alike sip on their seasonal cocktails. The wait staff smiles as they deliver small plates for the table to share. A great place to meet up with friends or the perfect setting for an intimate dinner for two. Oysters on the half shell and handmade libations provide the perfect preface to a summer weekend. (Our Art Director is obviously a fan).

Lala’s Wine Bar – Don’t miss the arugula mascarpone dip with flatbread. And a glass of rosé because ’tis the season.

Humboldt – A favorite from the ambience perspective and offerings of a lighter meals for those hotter days.

The Crafty Fox – We love our rooftops in Colorado and The Crafty Fox has one of the best with views of the city. Grab a cold one before catching a Rockies game. Only tough part is picking  from one of the 60 (!!!!!) taps.

Mellow Mushroom – With three locations including Downtown, Park Meadows and The Streets at SouthGlenn, there’s no excuse to not waste a few hours, soaking in the sunshine, on one of Mellow’s patios this summer. Don’t miss the happy hour from 4-6p feature $4 Colorado drafts. We also love the bruschetta!

Looking to connect with us? Here’s where you can find us this Summer.

And, as always, at 1501 Wazee Street in Downtown Denver and on the socials @screamagency.

If our paths are destined to cross, or you just want some good company at the event, give us a shout – we’d love to meet you!

Yesterday, we attended the CREJ Hotel & Resort Summit & Expo with 300+ other people in the industry. What did we learn?

CREJ's Hotel & Resort SummitThe good and the bad: the hotel and real estate industry is still growing at record-setting pace but it’s starting to level off.

With 55 hotels in the Denver pipeline (1,686 rooms in the final planning stage) and another 1,519 in construction, the hotel landscape in Denver is changing…quickly. According to STR, research shows that the number of hotel rooms in Denver will grow by 65 percent over last year making it one of the top three U.S. Markets under construction in overall room supply (behind Las Vegas and Dallas). The room demand for the Denver market is predicted to decline by -2.5 percent. That means Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) is predicted to also decline by -2.7 percent. The highest RevPAR will be in the Center Business District of Denver.

STR Report Shows Denver Hotels in Top 3.

With our Scream Agency offices in LoDo Denver and only a block from Union Station, we know the hotel landscape is changing (along with all the new breweries and restaurants) because we see it everyday.

So what does all of this mean for hotel brands and marketers? It means you better figure out a way to differentiate and market so you stand out from all the competitors.

How does marketing affect room bookings?

With the growth of the Millennials, and Gen Z following right behind them, hotel brand marketers will need to focus on the experience. Similar to the independent-seeking Gen X crowd, this cohort of people prefer unique experiences catered to their personality (and delivered in their social channels).

If you’re a hotel or resort brand, ask yourself…what is your unique experience that you provide guests? Do you offer a local craft beer tasting at check-in? Do you offer to walk their dog for free upon arrival? Will you give them information so they can “live like a local” as Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has done?

Let’s look at how top brands are performing in these social marketing channels. Technology and data company Engagement Labs, released rankings on the top U.S. hotels on social media and through word of mouth (WOM) conversations.

Engagement Labs Findings on Social Marketers

Engagement Labs Findings on Top 10 Social Marketers

As we all know, research shows that travelers are turning to social media now more than ever to discover various options, reviews and receive recommendations on where to stay during trips. It’s prime time for hotel brands to use social media to provide a story and visuals about what makes their property unique and why travelers should buy.

Hotel brands that build a two-way communication with guests build trust with the consumer, thereby making them a hotel they’d prefer to book. Provided you deliver on the experience, this in turn will then allow them to share in their channels, introducing your brand to more consumers who will eventually affect your bottom line.

Interested in knowing more about hotel marketing and branding? Scream Agency has worked with Four Seasons, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and several small independent boutique brands. Contact Lora@screamagency.com for a free 60-minute hotel marketing consult.

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