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Several years ago, Scream Agency had the wonderful opportunity to work with Gretchen Gagel when she was the President and CEO of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado (WFCO). We watched as she fearlessly led the organization to triple its grantmaking capacity and double the endowment including an 18-month, $12 million campaign, as well as significant successes in research and public policy reform.

8 Steps_3D_Cover

As WFCO’s PR, digital and creative agency, we assisted in crafting the message, creating 6-foot-high big red purses that traveled the state for the “Fill the Purse” campaign, and collaborating on brand strategy. Our work was continually supported by Gagel as we navigated this territory for women on the path to economic self sufficiency.

We knew back then that Gretchen was unstoppable. In addition to raising two extremely talented children, she has held positions of leadership for the Women’s Funding Network, Daniels College of Business and now President of Continuum Advisory Group.

But being a successful leader and a mom wasn’t enough. She wanted other women and moms to learn from her journey. In the past few years, she’s worked with a handful of other working moms (including me) to interview them and put their stories and tips in a her first book: 8 Steps to Being a Great Working Mom. This mother’s day, we hope this book gives you a chance to laugh, learn, reflect and be inspired. Congrats Gretchen and thanks for all of your support over the years!

The book is available on Amazon and locally in Colorado at Tattered Cover Bookstores. #greatworkingmoms

Maybe your inbox is full of them. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to draft one to that potential lead.

Regardless, we all know it well…the dreaded followup email. The approach is, obviously, necessary in business but they can be so painful. I know on the PR side of the house, it’s part of my day-to-day, staying on top of media contacts to make sure I don’t miss any potential opportunities for my clients. It feels like walking a fine line, between being persistent and professional without being a pest with risk of losing the lead or opportunity.

The fine folks over at HubSpot recently published this article and we wanted to share a few of our favorites with you. Hopefully in time for you to edit that followup email one last time before pressing send.

  • Send them a short piece of actionable advice (i.e. “I saw this event coming up and thought of your brand. Here is a link to tickets – hope to see you there!”).
  • Share an article relevant to their industry or profession (this is a personal favorite approach for PR – I saw this piece in the NYT and thought of the Denver spin for it featuring xx, xx, xx and my client 😉 ).
  • Reference a relevant blog post they just published.
  • Invite them to an upcoming webinar or educational event your company is hosting (not hosting a relevant event? create one!).
  • Send a “Did email get buried” email (so relevant, again, for the PR world if you’ve ever seen an editor’s inbox).

Have an idea for a great approach to followup? Leave it in the comments section and we’ll follow up (pun intended).


As we’re all aware by now, Facebook released it’s five reaction buttons last month. Now, in addition to the like button, you can express your feelings via love, haha, wow, sad or angry reactions. The debut of these reaction buttons was Facebook’s answer to the demanded DISLIKE buttons which involved too much risk in presenting such a negative approach to posts. The happy medium? Give people more options to “communicate” how a specific post makes them feel.

When it comes to social media marketing, what do these reaction buttons mean for your business?

Embrace the engagement. Engagement is always a struggle when it comes to social so by giving people a way to react to something that is more than just a “like” we’ll be able to move the needle a bit more and have a better understanding of what consumers are looking for and wanting to see in social content. Let’s say your website is down and you’re trying to communicate that it’ll be up back soon and running. As a result, this post has a majority of angry or sad reactions and although less ideal than a “like” or a “love” – it’s likely to cut the negative clutter in your comment section since consumers now have a simplified way of expressing their opinion.

Use reactions to your advantage. The reaction buttons also allow brands and their social media managers to get a better feel (pun intended) on how customers are consuming the content and provides another platform for interaction and engagement with your audience. Insights are currently pulling the reactions for reporting tools. Use this platform to your advantage by using your social audience as a virtual focus group. Test a new tagline or share a product in the development stage and watch the reactions roll in. Just be prepared for all possible reactions and use them to your advantage to learn from and better your approach.

Knowledge is (advertising) power. Aside from giving us more actions to show how we feel, the reaction buttons will likely be used for data for advertisers on the social site. The more data the platform can use about how you “feel” about something, the more information they have to figure out what to feed you up in sponsored posts.

This week, we at Scream Agency took the opportunity to exercise. Hold the high fives for a second. We know you’re not impressed. Everybody exercises in Colorado right?

By exercise, we’re talking mental exercise. We took our brain to the gym. Deep brain stretches. Diving into branding, creativity and thinking. Back of the brain muscles that have to develop big ideas. Now that hurts. Okay, bring it. High fives all the way around.

Thanks Art Gym for creating space for creatives!

Thanks Art Gym for creating space for creatives!

Sure, we do this for clients everyday so this shouldn’t be a challenge. But, this time it was different. We’re talking Scream Agency branding. You know, the cobbler’s children have no shoes, yadda yadda yadda. We all know that working on our own brand is much harder mental work.

To open our brain, we went to Art Gym. Over 17,000 beautiful square feet of creative workspace located in Denver. The Art Gym is a place for artist to show their art, create their work and collaborate with other members. From printmaking and sculpture, to drawing, painting and culinary arts, Art Gym has all the tools you need to get that right brain exercising to its full capacity.

What came out of our offsite exercise? Well now, you’ll just have to keep checking back to find out. Thanks again to the folks at Art Gym. We appreciate all you do for our arts and creative community!

Today, March 8th, 2016, we celebrate International Women’s Day. A day set aside to highlight and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Though it’s great to see social feeds and trending topics featuring the accomplishments of women on this one day, I personally don’t think it’s enough.

We are obsessed with placing special significance on select days on the calendar. Though the majority of days are significant in remembrance of a particular event or set aside to celebrate an individual’s life achievements, pulling March 8th out of a hat and saying that “Today we’ll celebrate all women’s achievements” feels disingenuous.

I come from of a strong family. Each individual is ambitious, steadfast, charismatic, business savvy, patient…and I’m just referring to the women. I am the proud product of strong women and I see a lot of them in me. My mother’s creative brain and business acumen. My grandmother’s (both) strength, energy, drive and passion for life and family. My sister’s entrepreneurial spirit, athletic prowess and unwavering self confidence. My cousins, my girlfriend, my friends… I wish I could say that I am half the women they are.

This brings me to the core of this article.

I have the great privilege to work with all women here at Scream Agency. Each one of my colleagues is a master of their profession. They are on top of their game and they bring it every single day. There is no way that I could celebrate all they do for this company, our clients, or for me, especially in one 24 hour period. They provide direction, strength, guidance, support and inspiration, not to me, but to the work that we create together. I’m truly grateful for their contribution and they are vital to Scream Agency’s continued success.

I challenge you the reader to take a walk today and think of the women who have shaped you into the successful person that you are today. Have you thanked them? Do they feel important? I hope those women that have inspired me feel proud to read this and know that I am grateful for their ongoing guidance and inspiration.

Truly, thank you!

Gem McLaughlin

DENVER (February 16, 2016) — Scream Agency, a full-service advertising, creative, branding and public relations shop located in LoDo, announced today the company will be handling the creative services for Colorado Ballet, beginning with the 2016/2017 season. Explore Communications is Scream Agency’s media partner for the Colorado Ballet account.

The Colorado Ballet is a non-profit organization celebrating more than 50 years of presenting world-class classical ballet and innovative dance in Denver. Scream Agency’s passion for the arts and work with local nonprofits including Wonderbound, BikeDenver, Project Angel Heart and the Mount Crested Butte Performing Arts Center, brought forth an inspired creative concept and pitch that ultimately landed the beloved ballet account, one of the most sought after accounts in the Mile High City.

Partnering with Colorado Ballet internal team and media industry veteran Explore Communications, Scream Agency will help execute the vision, creative strategy and marketing communications materials.

“We are very excited to begin partnerships with Scream Agency and Explore Communications,” said Colorado Ballet Artistic Director Gil Boggs. “They will work on new branding for the way we promote our productions utilizing innovative creative images and channels while staying true to the artistic vision of Colorado Ballet.”

“As a local agency in the Denver market for nearly 20 years, we are extremely excited about this new partnership with Colorado Ballet and the opportunity to build their creative campaign in our community,” said Lora Ledermann, owner and creative director at Scream Agency. “We are honored that we’ve been chosen and we look forward to enhancing their already stellar reputation.”

The new creative is expected to launch late spring 2016. Keep up with Scream Agency’s work by visiting, connecting and following.


About Scream Agency
Scream Agency, LLC, was founded in 1997 as a full-service advertising and public relations agency that specializes in outdoor recreational, retail, travel and tourism, business-to-business and high-tech clients. Scream’s capabilities include advertising, public relations, social media, Web, direct and strategic marketing. For more information or to get in touch, please visit screamagency.com



DENVER (January 26, 2015) — Scream Agency, a full-service advertising and public relations shop located in Downtown Denver, announced today that the agency will be presenting alongside Dot Ski, Native Rank and name.com at SIA’s Snow Show on Friday, January 29th.

Together, the team will present on the intersection of Technology + Marketing when it comes to the Ski and Snow Sports Industry. Using firstchair.ski to showcase how easy it is to create, manage and promote dedicated customer-generating microsites, attendees will learn firsthand how to stand out amongst the noise on the Internet; make the most of a branded microsite; and participate in an ideation session to create unique promotional opportunities for a brand.

The presentation will take place at Industry + Intelligence Live (booth #679) at 9 a.m. on Friday, January 29th, and is open to all SIA attendees.

The team at Scream Agency have also curated SIADenver.SKI as an insider’s resource for those visiting the Mile High City. Tips on the best “Expense It” restaurants, Quick Eats, Tinder Hotspots and Late Night Dives can be found on the website.

Keep up with the rest of Scream Agency’s work + happenings by visiting, connecting and following.


About Scream Agency

Scream Agency, LLC, was founded in 1997 as a full-service advertising and public relations agency that specializes in outdoor recreational, retail, travel and tourism, business-to-business and high-tech clients. Scream’s capabilities include advertising, public relations, social media, Web/digital, direct and strategic marketing. For more information or to contact Scream, please visit http://screamagency.com


For one week every January the SIA Snow Show descends upon our city of Denver and brings (even more) bearded men and beautiful women with a passion for the ski and snow sports industry. The Show brings 300 events and 18,000 people and a lot of window shopping for the newest, most innovative gear hitting the market in the next year.

Between the On-Snow Demo Days, meetings, setting up and breaking down – everyone has plenty to do so we wanted to make it easy to make this be your best Snow Show yet –  on and off the show floor.

Dot Ski and Scream Agency – Live!

We’ve teamed up with our client, Dot Ski, and digital partner, Native Rank, to present on how the # and the . are affecting the ski world. It’s a “first chair” kind of session at 9a on January 29th but we’ve got a panel experts with enough energy to cure that hangover from the night before. And on that note…


We don’t like to brag, but when it comes to Denver, we kind have this thing down so we’ve launched SIADENVER.SKI, your one stop site to make the most of your time in the Mile High city.

Check it.

It’s 6p, you’re just walking off the show floor, you’re two beers deep and its the night you’re supposed to take your reps out to dinner. Expensed, of course. We’ve got your answer with Old Major Now, its 10p, and you’ve just had the best meal of your life, accompanied by some Modern Savage cocktails and you open up that Tinder app. You swipe right, its a MATCH and now you’ve got to pick a spot to meet. Drop down that Tinder Hotspot menu and done. Before you know it, its 4a, and you’re heading back to the hotel, not alone. 9a comes way too early, you’ve got a meeting at quarter after but need a solid cup of coffee to make it happen. We got you covered.

That’s what friends are for.

See you on the Show floor.

Hey industry people, this is your chance to roll into the holiday season in Christmas Story style. All happening 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 17. This is just two weeks from tonight, so get it on your social calendar.

We here at Scream Agency have been:

  • prepping the shoot-your-eye-out targets
  • setting up a classic leg lamp photo station
  • sewing Ralphie costumes
  • hanging paper trees for the forests
  • making a recycled holiday tree out of hundreds of your wine bottles
  • turning up the holiday tunes

There will be kegs, cocktails, Chinese apps, entertainment and trendy creative people (that means you). Be here: Scream Agency, 1501 Wazee St. (on 15th Street between Wazee and Wynkoop), Denver, 80202, phone:303-893-8608.

We double dog dare ya to not show up. What are you waiting for? RSVP now: https://www.facebook.com/events/556407664509133/


Vote for Scream Agency LoDo Aglow Window #20

Friday, November 27th – LoDo Aglow begins! The competition will start in conjunction with the Grand Illumination at Union Station. Come see the Scream Agency window and if you like our store window, vote by texting “20” to 214.997.5369. If you vote, you’ll be entered in for a chance to win prizes and giveaways.


Our Scream Agency Theme: Re: Holiday.

Hundreds of bottles from LoDo were recycled to create our bottle tree. The window display was made possible by recycled materials from Machete Tequila + Tacos, Lola Mexican Restaurant, Wazee Supper Club, The Squeaky Bean and Scream Agency’s obsession with La Croix drinks. 


Credited Artists: Gem McLaughlin, Art Director



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