Crested Butte or Bust!

Earlier this month, we took a trip to Mt. Crested Butte to support our client, Mt. Crested Butte Performing Art Center, in their unveiling of the design plans for the building (the Biery-Witt Center).

We’re, obviously, big supporters of the Arts and we’re honored to be a part of this project (we’re handling public relations and creative direction). We didn’t want to simply rely on the economic impact message, we wanted to bring the emotion, the inspiration, behind the project to life for the performers and for the community.

Pre-Design Launch Ad Campaign - June 2014 Pre-Design Launch Ad Campaign – June 2014

Located in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, this Center will be the future home of performances and events (including the Crested Butte Music Festival) for the community.

A piece of this project that this PR-storytelling girl loves? The theatre seating can disappear and convert into a space that will accommodate up to 500. The large, flat floor in the converted space can also be used for intimate music, theatre, dance and children’s performances. Not to mention the reveal of a million-dollar view thanks to a retractable, glass wall located behind the stage that celebrates the natural beauty of Mt. Crested Butte. It took my breath away.

That 'Million Dollar View' I was speaking of That ‘Million Dollar View’ I was speaking of.

With a ground breaking scheduled for July 2015, the highly-anticipated grand opening is set for Summer 2017. We’re counting the days as it will provide the perfect excuse to sneak out of the city for a few days and back up to CB.

Though we suppose ski season is right around the corner to do the same. But if you’re looking for an excuse right now, we can provide these suggestions:

Stay: The Nordic Inn, a dog-friendly, people-friendly resort. Seriously, Kim was the hostess with the mostess during our stay!

Support:  The Capital Campaign for the Biery-Witt Center

Shop: The Gypsy Wagon for grandma’s quilts, knicks and knacks and bohemian pieces.

Do: Endless options to mountain bike!

Eat: Secret Stash pizza. Come hungry and leave with The Hamptons pie to bring back to yours truly.

Miranda, Gem, Myself and Lora in Mt. Crested Butte Miranda, Gem, Myself and Lora in Mt. Crested Butte

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