Carol Browning Painting 1


What does it mean to be creative? It’s big thinking. Imagination. Bringing something new into being. And more. It’s a lifestyle choice. Here, in our “Being Creative” section, we’re giving a nod to people who have chosen this path to inspire us and the community that surrounds them.

Carol Browning is a Denver based Artist who’s work “emphasizes energetic gesture and dynamic mark-making”. It was that energy that drew us to one painting in particular, Fire and Ice, which perfectly reflected the tone of Colorado Ballet’s upcoming performance Tour de Force featuring Feast of the Gods. Read more about Carol Browning and our Collaboration with the Colorado Ballet in our latest blog post.

To view more of his work visit Walker Fine Art.

Carol Browning Painting 1
Carol Browning Painting 2
Carol Browning painting Fire and Ice
Carol Browning painting Fire and Ice tour de force
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