Be More Sustainable


Today I attended an education lunch hosted by our neighbors, The Alliance Center.

The group spent an hour listening to Bruce Hendee, the Chief Sustainability Officer for Ft. Collins, learning about their current Climate Action Plan and overall environmental sustainability behavior.

So I wanted to share some take-aways with you because, really, couldn’t we all be a little better?

Here are some things you can do to reduce your own environmental and energy impact at home:
• Conduct a home energy audit
• Convert all lightbulbs in your home to LED’s
• Use a smart device to manage energy – turn down the heat in your home by your smart phone/iPad
• Eat locally-sourced goods
• Leave your car at home at least one day a week and bike instead (we love this one!)
• Live a simpler life

See…and you were worried that you didn’t have a New Year’s resolution. Let us know how you make a difference!

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