Kelsey Barnes, Summer PR Intern

Last week, I was writing an email to a client and had my new intern, Kelsey, sit with me since it had to do with crisis communications and I wanted her to get a feel for that piece of PR. As I was proofing the email before I sent it to the client (something I do three times before I press send), Kelsey pointed out a grammar mistake to me (“should that be of instead of for?”).

She was right. And I was officially impressed.

Kelsey is heading in to her senior year at CU but will be with us all this summer, learning the ins-and-outs of public relations (and proofreading my emails!). Get to know a little more about this grammar (and ice dancer) star below…

Where are you from and what brought you to Colorado?
I’m originally from Frisco, Texas. I moved to Colorado in 2012 to pursue my dream of competing at the national level in ice dance. As most people who move here do, I fell in love with Colorado. After competing at the U.S. Championships in 2014, I decided it was time to return to school and start working on my career in Public Relations, which led me to Scream Agency.

What are you hoping to gain from your internship experience at Scream Agency?
I’m very excited about gaining real, hands-on agency experience. I’m hoping to build up my portfolio and learn more about the worlds of advertising and PR.

What’s your favorite place in Colorado?
Downtown Denver! I’m a total city girl. If I had a choice, I’d spend every day hanging out on the rooftop patio at my favorite restaurant, Los Chingones. Although I can’t forget to mention the mountains as well, especially when it’s ski season.

What one item would I find in your refrigerator right now?
So much protein. As an athlete, I eat for peak performance…which means a lot of eggs and chicken.

Any hidden talents?
I have some of the best white girl dance moves you’ll ever see!


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