The SnowSports Industry of America (SIA) attendees are hitting the streets of Denver in no-snow style this year. Attendee alert: If you haven’t boarded your plane yet for Denver, leave the parka behind.

In addition to taking in the sunshine, what will you be doing to be seen and heard while in Denver? Whether you’re attending SIA or another tradeshow, you probably didn’t have time to prepare right? Don’t fret. You can still make the most of your long days, small chit chat and blistering feet.

At the tradeshow:
• Surprise yourself. Go outside your comfort zone and force yourself to look at one new product that you hadn’t really looked at before. Why? Just because you might see something that sparks an idea.

Scream shares how to go bananas at SIA.
Scream shares how to go bananas at SIA.

• Attend a networking or educational event alone. Yes, alone. It’s a great way to force yourself to meet new people. You’ll learn something new from someone. If you’re at SIA (and a woman) looking for an event, attend the OIWC keynote on Friday, Jan. 30. It will be time well spent.

Chalk it up for Guerrilla marketing @SIA.
Chalk it up for Guerrilla marketing @SIA.

• Do something unexpected. Scream presented at SIA about guerrilla marketing. To promote it, we did sidewalk chalk, put bananas around

on drinking fountains and several other things to get people to take notice. You can do the same thing for your brand. Or, call us.

In Denver:
Want to take a client to somewhere different? Or, want to have more of an experience versus just sitting down for food? Here are a few ideas for out-of-towners for SIA.

• See the #AOW2015 Art of Winter exhibits

• Rent a B-cycle and cruise down to Union Station for a coffee, ice cream or beer.

• Go to one of the many fabulous local restaurants such as Work & Class.

If you’re still scratching your head, give us a shout. Scream Agency has been in Denver for 18+ years. We’ve got plenty of creative ideas on how to make life and your brand an experience.

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