Team Building at 9,712 ft

Snowflakes prepare for impact as they fall to earth, a grey-blue backdrop with a sliver of sunlight trying to break through, and five individuals decked out in ski attire eager to take on the meander of the mountain. You got that image in your head? Okay, good.

This week, I was fortunate enough to experience this exact scenario as I barreled – well, more accurately, tumbled – down Copper Mountain for a bonding adventure with the Scream Agency team. Occasionally, I like to squint through my foggy ski goggles rather than at my computer, and instead of strategizing for clients, I enjoy strategizing how the heck I am going to survive a black diamond. While the trip was invigorating for my soul and cleansing for my mind, it had a purpose. And that purpose was to help further build and enhance Scream Agency’s culture.

A company’s culture is the distinctive foundation in which it builds itself upon and it sets the precedence for a company’s identity. Every brand has an identity and in order to help maintain that identity, you have to establish a healthy, well-oiled team – hence the need for our ski trip. Keep in mind though, going on ski trips or defending yourself in a company nerf gun fight is only one piece of the culture puzzle. Other pieces in the culture puzzle include values, vision and expectations. Together, these elements pave the way for a successful company, full of happy people who want to kick-ass at what they do.

All in all, company outings and team-building excursions are helpful in increasing productivity, enhancing co-workers relationships and creating a foundation in which great work and ideas flourish. And as you can see with our photos, our team building at 9,712 ft was a successful day full of shenanigans.

We would also like to thank Copper Mountain #coppermtn for offering a slice of snowy heaven, a break from the office and assisting in the building of a solid team – we’ll definitely be back (especially if this snow continues dumping!).  And hopefully, decked out in ski attire that is as amazing as Lloyd and Harry. #randomdumbanddumberreference







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