Tips to Stack the Deck at Summer OR

With Summer Outdoor Retailer just a few weeks away, we’re in full head-down mode here at Scream Agency – booking editorial appointments for clients, setting up dinners with old friends in the industry, and setting our own agenda for our trip to Salt Lake City.

Also, coming up with this list of tips to help you stack the deck and make the most of the Show.

  1. Book early. We know this isn’t an ideal tip just a few weeks before the OR Show but appointments, especially with editorial staff, book quickly. It’s best to try to get on their schedule early.
  2. Create a booth experience  – even outside the booth. Keen does a killer job of extending the Show experience off the floor with their grassroots marketing. Develop something that speaks to your brand, keep it clean and open to best showcase your product, be personable and approachable, work the space! Get creative. Our client Cushe used a shipping container as their booth which made for great transporting, clean lines and a private meeting space in the back.
  3. Shake hands. We’ve made some great connections on the show floor – from new friends to new clients, the only way to get it done is to shake hands and strike up a conversation. Which shouldn’t be hard since we obviously all share a love of the outdoors.
  4. Coffee up + stay hydrated. Start the day off right with a pour over and then stick to the H2O (well, that is, before happy hour begins). With so many great bottles companies exhibiting, you won’t even have an excuse. We love Miir’s dedication to give back since every purchase goes to support a clean water project. Mobot even offers a a duel purpose with their foam roller bottle!
  5. Make a short list. With over 1,600 brands on site and nearly 50,000 people – it can be easy to lose track of brands you wanted to check out. Spend some time over the next few weeks reviewing the exhibitor list and create a Note, Google Doc or something easy for you to access on the go (ideally without Internet connection since reception can be spotty).
  6. Pick up an ORD as you enter the show every day – it’s the survival guide + bible of the four-day experience.
  7. Surprise and Delight. Tradeshows are exhausting and sometimes downright boring. What will you do to keep the buzz in the booth and in your brain? Find a way to surprise and delight your key customers (and yourself) every day. Maybe you have your favorite local beer from your hometown ready for your customer when they show up at 4 p.m. Or, can you treat yourself to a Yoga class after a long day on the show floor?
  8. Get personal. You have your name badge slung around your neck. Can you add something personal to it? Maybe you can add a sticker that shares your favorite summer hike or cocktail of choice…anything to create a conversation starter.

Feeling ready? Good. Now let us help you further stack the deck at OR. Send us an email and we’ll deliver your free deck of playing cards (one in-person magic trick included). Reach us at: for more.

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