2021 Client Disclosure Report

Being Transparent

During April (Earth Month), and because of our B Corporation commitment to the climate, we dove into B Lab’s 2022 Climate Justice Toolkit to learn what we could do better. We were inspired by the TED Talk by Solitaire Townsend (pg. 14): “Are ad agencies, PR firms and lobbyists destroying the climate?.” 

We learned of creative, advertising and PR agencies that are staying transparent about the clients they serve, and are striving to serve climate solutions instead of climate destruction. And, some agencies have committed to transparency by developing and releasing a Client Disclosure Report.

As advertising agents, creative storytellers and brand advocates, we at Scream Agency are a part of these voices that influence change. Our campaigns guide companies, brands and customers and can impact many by the stories we help tell. So, we’re doing our homework and joining the movement with others at CreativeandClimate.com and CleanCreatives.org to develop the report and sign the pledge.

We Stand for Good. For each project and every brand we represent, we ask ourselves, are we selling our talent to the right people? When it comes to climate, are we serving destruction or solutions? We believe businesses have a key role in creating a world that is fair, equitable and sustainable. As a B Corp, we are united with others in using business as a force for good.

We are Transparent. We are joining others in being transparent through our client disclosure report that shows those we serve and the work we deliver. We are proud that we serve 0 clients in the climate conflict category, and 0 clients in the controversial client category. Following is our first client disclosure report which details our commitment to tackling the climate emergency with transparency. If you’re in this industry, join us in the movement!

As Earth Month comes to a close, we’re aiming for this report to help us be transparent and to serve as a climate accountability checkpoint. If you work in our creative/marketing/advertising/PR (X Industry), don’t serve destruction. Start serving the solution. 

Ask us about joining in the movement. We’d be happy to help!

Lora Ledermann, Founder, info@screamagency.com

Learn more by reading and watching through the links above. And, by viewing our 2021 Client Disclosure Report below:

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