Scream Agency’s Behind the B

Building a Brand with Purpose

Scream Agency became a B Corp over five years ago because we love creating purposeful work that can help to make positive change in our community. We’re storytellers and creative artists who have:

  • helped to launch a social justice impact organization to help the unhoused;
  • created materials to help educate about bringing food to those who are underserved in our communities;¬†
  • worked with BIPOC artists to help raise awareness about LGBTQ+ rights;
  • developed messaging for an educational equity program;
  • worked with our local libraries to raise funds to help transform lives;
  • donated hundreds of hours in volunteer time to educate about what it means to be a B Corp
  • and we’re just getting started.

Last year alone, we donated over $40,000 of in-kind services to your community.

Being a B Corp Means You Show Up:

The beauty of being a B Corp is that you’re held accountable. You’re in a community of businesses that believe in using business as a force for good. B Corps are committed to giving back. Did you know that B Corp employees spent over 2,775,000 hours doing community service (while being paid by their employers) over the past 15 years? That’s commitment. That’s showing up.


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