2021 Portrait of a Year for the Gill Foundation

This year, we were lucky to work with the Gill Foundation on their annual Holiday Card, which is sent to their donors each December to thank them for a year filled with joyful moments. Gill Foundation hired Scream Agency to come up with the creative idea on how to highlight these key LGBTQ movements and actions of 2021. Scream’s chosen concept was to hire local artists within the LGBTQ+ community to spotlight and illustrate these key moments. We connected with Shaunie B, Adri Norris, Tracy Weil, and Lio Bumba “BUMBAKiNi”, and could not have been more excited about the artwork they produced. After filming each artist during the beginning, middle, and end phases of their artwork creation, we put together a snowy and cheerful holiday script with graphics and videography that let the artwork shine. Check out each artist below, and be sure to watch the Gill Foundation 2021 Portrait of a Year holiday video.

2021 Portrait of a Year for the Gill Foundation

Click the image link below to watch the full video.


Shaunie B (she/they)

Using mixed media on paper, Shaunie depicted the most Pro-LGBTQ Administration in History.

Adri Norris (she/her)

Using mixed media on wood panel, Adri depicted Stella Keating, the first transgender teen to testify before Congress.

Tracy Weil (he/him)

Using acrylic on aluminum panels, Tracy depicted Team LGBTQ at the Olympics, which would have finished 7th in the Olympic medal count as a team.

Lio Bumba “BUMBAKiNi” (he/him)

As a painted mural, Lio depicted LGBTQ figures who swept the Entertainment World in 2021.

Thank you to these incredibly talented artists, History Colorado and River North Art District for this collaboration. And, a huge thank you to the Gill Foundation for giving us this opportunity!

Happy Holidays,
The Scream Agency Team

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