2022 Client Disclosure Report

A Continued Commitment

Last year, we posted our first Client Disclosure Report to showcase our transparency about our clients in order to serve climate solutions instead of climate destruction. Our passions lie with the work we get to do for our clients, who come in all shapes, sizes and sectors, including Nonprofit, Foundation, Health Services, Government, Arts, Tourism & Finance. Our goal is to amplify their stories for greater impact, understanding how a business can be a catalyst for change and help create a world that is fair, equitable and sustainable. We are committed to continuing to tackle the climate emergency with transparency, which we illustrate in our updated 2022 Client Disclosure Report.

As always, ask us about joining in the movement. We’d be happy to help! And learn more by viewing our 2022 Client Disclosure Report below.

Melanie Davidson, President & CEO, melanie@screamagency.com

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