How We Did It: A Behind-the-Scenes from the Filming Set

In 2023, Scream Agency had the opportunity to work with Bellco Credit Union, Postmodern Company and Manmade Media to break ground in the filming of a new TV spot that garnered a first-of-its-kind development in Colorado.

The TV shoot was a creative concept from Scream Agency that focused on “Life’s Journey,” where we followed members through a life story. The challenge was coming up with a way to quickly show the passage of time (i.e. 2-10 years) all within a 15-30 second TV commercial. The concept was brought to life in a collaboration with the client team, Postmodern as our production partner and Manmade Media as the studio with production wizards who used motion control to execute the idea.

As a team, we broke new ground together when the cinema robot and Unreal Engine (3D rendering) were used successfully together. The final spot included motion control + Unreal Engine + Special Effects all seamlessly bundled in a happy 30-second clip. 

Curious to learn more? Take a look at the behind-the-scenes (BTS) clip (huge thanks to Postmodern for pulling this together) that illustrates the process and technology that went into this spot. You can see that BTS clip here.

Below are a few additional commercial production photos from all three “life’s journey” spots that were created. You can see the three final TV spots here, and the final video from this shoot below. These spots have been airing on local TV stations and throughout digital channels (OTT, online, etc.) throughout 2023.

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