Bike to Work Day 2015

Colorado has joined the nationwide effort to promote biking as a reliable and go-to source of transportation. And whether you’re a novice or a thrill-seeker on a bike, you too can help be a part of the change. According to The League of American Bicyclists, there has been an increased interest in healthy and sustainable transportation options and from 2000 to 2013, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. grew by more than 62 percent. Out of the top 70 cities that were researched, Colorado was ranked 13th with bike commuter growth reaching 108%. Portland made the top of the list with 5.9% of the population comprised of  bike commuters with an overall bike commuter growth of 234%.

Why is this so important today, June 24th, 2015? Because studies have also shown that people who participate in Bike to Work Day are more likely to become regular commuters. 

Denver in particular has done a tremendous job of transforming our lovable city into a bike-friendly commuting environment and continues to make improvements. We know this first-hand since our good friends (and clients) at BikeDenver are constantly planning the next bike share lane or coming up with unique ways to make bicyclists – of all ages – safe and informed.  For the past four years, Scream Agency has had one hundred percent participation for Bike to Work Day and we’re proud to continue the tradition of having helmet hair at the office today. 


Gem, our art director, purchased his bike at Elevation Cycles. A big shout out to our neighborhood bike shop.


So how do you get started on conquering your commute? Here are a few links to help make your efforts a success. 

  • Way To Go offers you the opportunity to track your miles and gain braggin’ badges with a personalized dashboard.
  • Throughout Denver and surrounding areas Bike to Work Day hosts numerous breakfast, water and party stations. Learn more about stations that are closest to you – it’s not too late to hit one on the way home!
  • To help understand if there are any trail closures or detours, Way to Go has provided a great, informative site.
  • What happens if your bike breaks down during your ride? Not to worry, call 800-AAA-HELP as AAA now offers bicycle road-side assistance.
  • If you missed riding today, be sure to participate in Bike to Work Day 2016. You could win bikes, Rockies tickets and gift cards.

We hope to see you on the trails, Denver. Ride on!

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