Do they put butter in that yoghurt?

The peeps at Scream Agency know that I’m a yoghurt aficionado. Look in our Scream fridge. Lora’s yoghurt all over the place. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t consume some yoghurt. That wasn’t the case two years ago. But, after nutritional coaching from our friends at BodyLab Fitness, I was told I need more protein (come on, it’s not just me…are you eating over 100 grams of protein every day?).

In walked what would become my new BFF — Greek Yoghurt. Loaded with protein.

I honestly think I’ve tried every container in any grocery store that has the word GREEK Yoghurt on the outside of it. And no, FAGE was not Greek to me. I could pronounce it like I was standing in Santorini. FAGE: Fa-hey. Try it with me now. Pronounce it like you’re standing in Greece for a second. FAGE was my great friend three years ago when no other Greek yogurt brands had come to market.

But then, the flood gates opened up (apparently there’s no regulation so just add the word Greek to yoghurt and you’re good to go). And oh yeah, don’t forget to add the starburst about how many grams of protein it contains. That’s a “for sure” seller these days.

So, the label reading and taste testing began. I had to see what these other Greeks had to offer. Of course, grocery outings changed. My kids typically started to panic as we entered the dairy isle because they knew right where I was headed — to read more nutrition labels and weigh the pros and cons of fat, protein, sugar, calories and carbs on several small containers.

Sigh. After testing literally 20+ different Greek offerings (yes, there are that many and more) over a two-year period, I’ve now landed on Noosa. What Noosa? That’s not Greek. You’re right. It’s just a really good local (with Aussie roots) yoghurt company. But with their recent recipe switch up, their nutrition is not that far off from the Greek stuff. And, I like it. Actually, I love it. It puts a smile on my face (and I get 14 grams of protein if I eat the whole container).

In fact, today when I was eating my lemon Noosa…I asked myself is that butter I taste? Because it sure tastes good. What is their secret ingredient? I know they have a secret Aussie formula. But, I’m dying to know. Well folks, why yes, there is butter in that particular lemon flavor. Don’t believe me? Take a look-see yourself.
It got me to thinking. We all love secret ingredients. And, secrets are big when it comes to what we do here everyday at Scream — branding, marketing, creative, PR and all that other stuff. Secret ingredients are a hook to get people engaged. It’s a mystery that people love to solve. And so I ask, what’s your secret ingredient for your brand? Do you have one? Do you need to create one? Your customers would love it. For Julia Child, Noosa and me, I think it’s butter.

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