Here for a fitting? Let’s try on various types of Experiential Marketing.

Just like there are different types of skis for different levels of skiers, there are different types of Experiential tactics for different brands. And many of the same things factor in when you’re choosing which one that is best for you: budget, risk tolerance, visual stimulation, years of experience, terrain choice, etc. So which Experiential Marketing tactic is the perfect fit for your business? Let’s get you to a fitting.

Wild Postings

Definition: Think of it as a collage of your brand on a random surface. You’ll plaster your brands message, in a print format, on walls of an unused building. Or maybe you’ll post it on a bus stop, restaurant bathroom, or wait for it…inside a ski hut.

Risk Tolerance: Fairly low. Most likely, the worst that will happen is the removal of your fine work.
Budget: Also low. Maybe even the cheapest option of them all.


Definition: Think of it as you are there, but you’re not. Your brand is present, but you’re not selling anything. You’re just there to be recognized as a part of something else. For example, you donate branded water bottles to a city marathon.
Risk Tolerance: Low.
Budget: From very low, to very high—it depends on where you are and what you’re doing.


Definition: All the cool kids are doing this and you’ve been a victim (at least once). Something becomes viral and then you later find out that a monster corporation is behind it. Sneaky!
Risk Tolerance: Low. That is, if you stay kosher and you don’t offend any large group.
Budget: Depends. Is it an at home video that goes viral? Cheap. Or is it a breakout theatrical performance at a sporting event? Not so cheap.

Definition: You become of part of the scenery. Your brand is seen day in, day out. Your brand becomes recognizable, as it’s part of the consumer’s life. For example, you build a park piece that is both useful and branded.
Risk Tolerance: On average, pretty low. Most likely, you’ll ask for permission as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture.
Budget: Could be on the higher end. You’ll have to pay to play.

Definition: Think of this as a private party hosted by your brand, created just for that consumer. They’ll interact with you, the party host, one-on-one. And BAM! They’ll have an emotional connection with your brand that they’ll want to share, with everyone.
Risk Tolerance: High-ish. If you are 100% confident in your target audience and you’ve paired them with a product they’re sure to love, you’re set. If not, be afraid, very afraid.
Budget: Smack dab in the middle. To bring this to life, you’ll need to give away various samples of your product.


Definition: Giving your brand fanatics the mic and letting them share your brand’s story. Watch as relationships and connections grow.
Risk Tolerance: High. But only for those that have a hard time giving over the control.
Budget: Low. Really, it’s just simple ‘word of mouth.’
Bottom line? You’ll only know which is the perfect fit, if you’re willing to try them all on.

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