Fall 2014 Intern Meet & Greet

We love interns. And not in the run-and-get-us-coffee kind of way but in the real, shaping-young-minds kind of way. Here at Scream Agency, we use a hands-on approach to ensure they get the most out of an agency experience

Personally, I found that having an intern over the summer (hi, Sammy!) made me more organized, helped me stay more accountable and pushed me to stay sharp – constantly finding things to share with her while we brainstormed on fresh pitches and ideas for clients. I think most of us perform better when someone is watching. Which I realize sounds a bit creepy but you know what I am getting at…

This fall, that someone is our new PR intern – James DeNooyer, hailing from the great state of Michigan (hi, Cushe!). James was great on paper, interviewed for the position in a bow tie and sent a handwritten thank you note post-meeting. Color us impressed – and color him HIRED.

We threw him into the PR fire this week with a new business meeting, an in-studio TV appearance and delivering pies to the media all around Denver for Project Angel Heart. With all that, he still found the time to answer a few questions for us. Get to know James below.

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Place of Study: Calvin College
Emphasis: Organizational Communications
How you find Scream Agency? I was wandering around like a hobbit and they took me in and let me stay.
What are you most excited about with the internship? The puppies and the people! (that sounds like a bad band name)
Favorite beer? The Oarsman from Bell’s Brewery.
Kindle or paperback? Paperback, definitely.
#IfIWasinCharge: Bring back Butterfinger BB’s and Dunkaroos. Fo real.
Describe your perfect Colorado day: Wake up and make breakfast with my dear wife, Emma Watson, followed by skiing, hot chocolate, and relaxin with a good book by the fire.

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