Global Running Day is Tomorrow – Will you Take the Pledge?

Within the past seven months, 100 percent of our Scream Agency team has participated in a half marathon including the Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Half, Disney Half and the Colfax Half Marathon. So proud of our team’s dedication!

Amy and Ryan, a dangerous duo on the streets of Vegas.
Fun event right in Denver. And, a fidget spinner as a medal.

Our favorite footbeds, hands (and feet) down.

Why do we run? Because we love fitness and believe in all the health benefits that come with it. As the founders of the Scream Scram 5K Run/Walk that has been in existence for nearly 20 years (and BTW is happening on Oct. 20, 2017), we’re no new kids on the trail. We’re hoping to continue to motivate others to get out there too.

For inspiration, please note that tomorrow, June 7, 2017 is Global Running Day. So far, close to 820,000 runners from around the world have pledged to run. We’ll be out there. Gather some walker/runner friends and take the pledge. Running is one key to a healthier mind and world.

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Happy Running!

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