Go Go Red

The other night, Lora and I had the chance to go out and paint the town red.

In our heels and red lipstick, we headed to a beautiful home in Cherry Creek North to spend the evening in the company of Go Red Society members and the Colorado Symphony. We dined of appetizers from Y.Lo Epicure and sipped on champagne (with raspberries no less!).

For us, it was a nice excuse to have a night out on the town on a random Tuesday but when we arrived, met the women and heard their personal, moving stories of stroke & heart disease, we soon realized that our night out was one we would carry in our hearts and be grateful for for a long time to come.

Did you know that 1 in 3 women are affected by some form of Heart Disease in their lifetime?  And that it’s the #1 killer of women and more deadly than all forms of cancer combined?

Many women are unaware or don’t pay attention to the symptoms. For instance, the pain in your jaw, neck or back?  Don’t assume it’s just from the gym or a little extra stress, it could be symptoms of a heart attack.

From a proudly women-owned business, we want to help spread the word. Through research, education, and living a healthy lifestyle, we can wipe out heart disease.

That’s why we were honored to create materials (see below) and invitations this year for the American Heart Association’s Go Red Luncheon coming up Nov.  21st. The Scream team will be there – all decked out in red for women. We hope to see you there! To get tickets and for more information, please visit www.GoRedforWomen.org.

go go red

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