They Never Let Us Down

Every morning, I start my day with my friends over at Rockefeller Center – Matt, Al, and Hoda as of late – and this morning, they had OK Go on to debut the band’s newest music video for their sure-to-be-a-hit song, “I Won’t Let You Down.”

As soon as I heard them come on The Today Show, I immediately put down my mascara and rushed over to the TV to watch. Since 2006’s “Here It Goes Again,” these guys have been breaking the barrier of creativity while coming up with innovative concepts for their music videos (a lost art!). As Damien Kulash explained this morning,¬†“We think of a thing, play with it for a month and then make the thing.” Which made me think that we should all incorporate more playtime into, not only our creative concepts, but into our daily lives.

Don’t take my word for it, experience the play for yourself here:


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