Jingles have already permeated your sub-conscious And you can’t do anything about it.

At Scream Agency we’ve had multiple clients approach our creative team to come up with concepts for television and radio spots, including slogans and catchy jingles. We’ve been humming tunes and rattling off random collections of words for weeks now and we’ve come up with a few great concepts. However, as we approach the testing phase of the process a scary thought crossed my mind, “Are we unleashing the next ‘I can’t get this thing out of my head’ jingle?” Whoa.

At Scream Agency we’re a collection of media junkies. Personally I’ve grown accustomed to staying on the couch for the commercials and cooking when the show comes back on. I don’t even mind when my Pandora station gets interrupted by a 30 second spot, plus I’m too thrifty (read: cheap) to pay for uninterrupted music. Because of this, I consider myself to be a commercial connoisseur. I hate to inundate this blog with constant updates on Peyton Manning’s endorsement projects, but his latest speaks to my point and happens to be my favorite commercial from the weekend.

See! I know you’ve caught yourself doing the same thing. I’m sure that you’ll catch yourself doing it later today.

So, I apologize in advance. The next jingle that you have sub-consciously planted in your brain is probably from us. “Chicken parm you taste so good!” Happy humming!

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