March is B Corp Month, Let’s Set Some Goals

Being a B Corp is about using business as a force for good. You can vote with your values by supporting the B Corp community. When you see the Certified B Corporation seal, you know the company behind the product [or service] meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact. At Scream Agency, we’re proud to be a B Corporation because we believe in a better way of doing business. We support companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. You can do that too. Look for the B Corp symbol so you can #VoteEveryDay in the way you spend your money. Want to know more, Follow @BCorporation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and follow the hashtag #VoteEveryDay

Set Goals:

One of the reasons we love being a B Corp is because it keeps us accountable. We’re all busy. But, as a B Corp, you have to measure your impact and think before you act. Let’s start with trash. Before being a B Corp, we tried to be good about recycling everything possible and minimizing our trash (and we were pretty “good”). But now, we force ourselves to be even better. Every day, every year.

In 2018, we reduced our trash by 30 percent and our recycling by 10 percent from the previous year. And, we can still do better. So, we’ve set our goal to reduce it by at least 10% percent. And, we’re looking to see how we can engage a composting program and setting a goal to improve environmental impact from our transportation to and from work. What are your environmental goals in 2019? Want to be inspired about composting? See this recent announcement from our neighbor, Patagonia about their composting partnership with Scraps and their community film screening of Wasted.

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