Moving Forward Together: B Corp Month 2024 Recap

Scream Agency’s Mission to Move Forward with Complimentary Marketing Consultations

As B Corp Month winds down, we’re taking time to reflect on our findings from our complimentary 30-minute marketing consultations. During these consultations, we had the pleasure of speaking with several B Corps, who, like Scream Agency, are all on the journey to better business and how to make this movement grow further. During one consultation, we heard that their B Corp “was so excited to see that we were offering this.” What better way to celebrate B Corp Month than to engage with and help other Bs?

One B Corp that we spoke with wanted to talk about how to better reach their company’s audiences. They brought up the point that most of their successful relationships are with other B Corps, and they want to make sure that they can continue to reach other Bs who also focus on sustainability. After talking through some of their audience pain points, we suggested a tiered marketing approach that included story creation (such as persona development and a messaging platform), a lead gen campaign, an outreach campaign that was more specifically focused as a “green” consult campaign, and a website audit and SEO improvements. Ideally, with these marketing tactics, they would be able to create lasting relationships with their audiences and reach consumers who are aligned with their B Corp values.

Another B Corp that we connected with was curious about how to better market their company and educate their target audience about the benefits of supporting B Corps, while also balancing their other certifications and efforts. While they currently invest in paid advertising, the content is usually product-focused. We suggested a mix of messaging that included breaking down their B Corp story, and educating their audiences on what B Corps are. They also mentioned that they connect with influencers in the wellness space, so we suggested that to better communicate about the B Corp message in the space, they could try to connect with influencers who are better versed with the B Corp movement, and even collaborate with other Bs for product offerings to help with brand activism. 

In addition to listening to marketing pain points and offering solutions, we really enjoyed getting to know new Bs who we hadn’t previously connected with. We know that the B Corp Certification isn’t a destination — it’s an invitation to join the journey to better business. This year’s B Corp Month campaign champions the B Corp community as a perpetual work in progress, and asks them to share how they plan to keep growing their impact in the future. We’re celebrating this by setting a goal of donating between $15k-$25k of work to a fellow B Corp or B Corps in 2024. If you need in-kind marketing services, give us a shout! How are you planning to move forward?

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