Polo Ponies and Scream Team Bonding

Screamers at PoloAt Scream, we believe in work/life balance and we’re dedicated to keeping our minds fresh and finding creative experiences to get us outside the norm. Enter Polo lessons. In early May, we took a day trip out to the Denver Polo Club in Littleton. There we met owner and polo trainer Erica of the Cottonwood Riding Club, two players/trainers from the Jamaican Polo Club and our horses for a private group  lesson.

A lot goes into being on a horse – trust, communication and coordination so by the time we were in the arena for our lesson, we’d already experienced three things to strengthen ourselves – inside and out.

We believe in being pushed to the edge of our comfort zone and Polo can be a very challenging sport. Not only are you concentrated on being on the horse but you also have to LEAN OVER said horse and hit a ball with a stick that’s supposed to act like an extension of your arm (spoiler alert: it’s not as easy as it sounds). The lesson lasted 90 minutes and by the first hour, we were all comfortable enough to bump (term: when a player directs his pony into the side of an opponent’s pony), follow the line of the ball and two of us even made a goal!

Even though the match ended in a draw, we all felt a sense of accomplishment as we left full of excitement and smelling like horses. What brings a team closer together than that?

Polo, truly the King’s game (and maybe Scream’s, too).

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