Colfax Marathon – Ready to Make a Run for it

For all of us runners who are getting ready to kick off the fitness summer season, we’ve put together a few running music playlists that will hopefully get you to pick up the pace. Listening to music while running is similar to marketing in that you engage the sense of hearing. It can stir emotion (similar to a good ad campaign) and can cause us to react.


For me, there is running with other runners which I LOVE (especially when we’re doing marathon training), running solo and listening to nature, and then there is running with music. The day determines the choice. Given we’re approaching our final days before the Colfax Marathon it only seems appropriate that we put out some of our top marathon running music.


We also gotta do a shout out to one of our favorite Mother runners, Another Mother Runner. They’ve got some great ideas on lists so check them out too:


A few to get you moving:

Jackson Cannery and Philosophy by Ben Folds Five

Heart of Wilderness by Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Call Me, Blondie

Pump it Up, Elvis Costello

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen

Rita, Willy Porter

Upside Down, Diana Ross

Sebrina, Paste and Plato, Jellyfish

Alex Chilton, The Replacements

What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction

Sounds Like Rain, Paperbird

Dynamite, Taio Cruz

Purple Toupee, They Might Be Giants

Fame, Irene Cara


Now, if someone could just invent a “run faster” scent, that would truly engage all the senses and records would be broken. I better get into the chem lab.

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