So Cute You Could Scream “Happy Birthday!”

There is no such thing as “birthday blues” here at Scream. What’s not to like about birthdays? Cake, wishes, presents, Throwback Thursdays…alright we admit it, that last one was just thrown in there but hey, who doesn’t love seeing old pictures?

Our very own member of the team, Katie, is celebrating her birthday this week and the excitement is felt by everyone here at Scream. To help Katie ring in her new year, we’ve collected Throwback Thursday birthday pictures from everyone on the team.

Birthdays aren’t birthdays without a little reminiscing, so enjoy these past birthday photos and don’t worry, Katie, cake is coming, too!

Let’s start with the birthday girl, Katie: Birthday TBT age 6


TBT to Lora’s 3rd birthday in Winnebago, Minnesota:


Next up is Miranda’s Birthday at Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis Missouri: Age 24


The next TBT features the bow-tie lovin’ birthday boy, Gem: Age 4


Speaking of cake, here’s Robyn getting her’s last summer.


There’s nothing like getting dressed up for a birthday, our last birthday TBT is Sam at age 4:


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