Happiness Hunting in Michigan

A few weeks ago, Lora and I boarded a plane in Denver and headed to Michigan for Wolverwine’s Worldwide Brand Conference, a global, multi brand sales conference held in Grand Rapids that hosts thousands of international partners and employees and highlights what’s to come for the brands in 2015.

Naturally, our first stop on the Michigan tour was visiting a brewery since Grand Rapids had earned bragging rights with the title of “Beer City USA,” which as you can imagine, creates a bit of competition between our two cities. From the flight at Grand Rapids Brewery to the Founders IPA, we have to say that they’ve earned the coveted title.



From beer to business, we spent the next day at the brand presentation and product breakout session for Cushe where we found ourselves inspired by Mitch Corbett, eager for the spring/summer 2015 product line to launch and pondering how we can begin our own adventure of #happinesshunting.

In true Cushe fashion, we headed straight to Lake Michigan after the presentation to celebrate a job well done (and send our friend and client, Ken Taylor, off as he embarks on his next venture at Wolverwine’s Hush Puppies). Sand under our feet, lake at our view and beers in our hands, it was clear that happiness had been found.

KK Jump

Lora Jump

Later that night, as we sat by the bonfire, swapping stories and sharing laughs, we realized that this truly was one of those moments that exists between doing what we love and what life requires.

It was Cushe Time. And we can’t wait to experience it again.

Lake Michigan

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