Bike to Work Day can be Nutty, Protect your Noggin

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day. YAY! For the third year in a row, we here at Scream will be in 100% participation (as we are many days). Don’t thank us. It’s just our little way of saying thanks to Mother Earth.

Warning about tomorrow if you’re a newbie: it does get a little nutty out there. So, we want to thank our friends at Nutcase.

Not only do they make an awesome helmet, they also took their helmet fitting instructions and made it into a re-usable squirrel. Now that’s called leveraging your brand position and making guerrilla marketing come to life. Way to use your noggin Nutcase. My squirrel will be a coffee table piece for many years to come. And when I’m done with it, the recycled cardboard squirrel will be recycled again.


We hope to see you on the trail.


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