Get a Handle on Your Work Day

Bike to Work Day

Today is Bike to Work Day, also known as the fourth Wednesday of Colorado Bike Month. Here at Scream, we are proud to say that we have had 100% participation for the past three years. The streets of Denver felt a little more alive as we commuted to work this morning and for an office that has, on average, half the employees riding bikes to the office three times per week, we scream at the chance to ride.

Bike to Work Day is a federally funded event that aims to promote health and report on the carbon emissions that result from driving alone to work. There are also prizes…yes, you read correctly, PRIZES! If the benefits of biking such as staying fit and saving money on gas aren’t enough for you to give up that rush hour glow, consider this year’s promotional incentives: IKEA gift cards, bicycles up for grabs and (our personal favorite….) concert tickets.

If biking alone doesn’t fit your fancy, group rides can offer up a new experience. With over 20,000 registered riders, it seems like biking is “in” and traffic is “out.” There is even a friendly competition among companies registered to ride for the most participants. For all of you reading this post-commute, don’t worry you can still be eligible for prizes for riding your bike to work any other day this week.

LoDo is thinking especially green and looking especially slim this week. Look out for us Screamers riding to and from work and be sure to stop by our friends at Bike Denver to get you Denver bike map and find out how to get involved. Also, be sure to check out our neighbors, Elevation Cycles, for any bike necessities or accessories.  


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