Summer 2014 Interns Meet and Greet

Call me crazy, but there are some days I miss being an intern. I miss that young- scone-fetching-question-filled-sponge-like-brain I once had. Even after graduating college, I joked that I may just become a professional intern – it was 2008, after all.

So as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I heard the news that we would be taking on not one, but two, interns this summer! I’m excited to find new ways to shape their sponge-like brains during their time with our agency (and we’ll try to leave the scone-fetching at a minimum!). 

Now, enough about my aspirations  – lets meet Scream’s Summer 2014 Interns: 

Samantha Bernstein | Connect with her on LinkedIn


Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Place of Study: Syracuse University – Public Relations
How she found Scream: Personal connections (or as some call it, six degrees of Kevin Bacon).
Most excited about: The lifespan of a project. Watching something grow from start to finish.
If Survivor called, what would she bring: Her dogs, Starbucks and sunscreen.

Katherine Ledermann | Connect with her on Facebook

katherineHometown: Mahtomedi, Minnesota 
Place of Study: University of Minnesota, Morris –  Environmental Studies/Management
How she found Scream: She shares a bloodline with our agency owner, Lora.
Most excited about: Learning how a small business works.
If Survivor called, what would she bring: A camera, a frisbee and a friend.

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