Scream Agency’s $4.5 Big Game Commercial

Sunday morning across America men and women of all ages will participate in one of the great American traditions, the Super Bowl. They’ll roll out of bed, tuck in the brightly colored flannel sheets featuring their favorite NFL team, substitute the a.m. teeth brushing with the first chicken wing of the day, stack every bit of furniture into one room surrounding the 80 inch television that they’ve “borrowed” from work, dig through the hamper to rescue their lucky jersey from certain cleanliness, stake their claim on the tattered lazy boy recliner correctly positioned 8 feet from the viewing surface and 12 feet from each surround sound speaker, smile through their teeth as their one Patriots-fan “friend” arrives wearing eye black and a Gronk jersey, and finally settle in for a 4 hour experience with only eleven minutes of actual football action. It’s glorious!

Here at Scream Agency we’ll be among those watching the game for the non-football action. No, we’re not interested in the over-hyped cotton candy and lollipop halftime show. We’re in it for the commercials. We were bummed when we heard that NBC had sold all of their $4.5 Million 30 second commercial spots. We just missed the deadline and we didn’t have $4.5 Million to drop on an ad. What to do?

We’re constantly doing exercises to spark innovative ways to expand and showcase our clients brands. Why don’t we do this one for the house? On the cheap.

The Ask:
Create a 30 second commercial for Scream Agency for only $4.50.

The Timeline:
Before the big game.

The Result:
Here is James’ creation. $4.50 was spent on coffee and one business card.

More to come. Enjoy the game!

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