Scream Serves: Out in Our Community

One of our B Corporation goals at Scream Agency is to get out into the community and volunteer. We call our employee engagement program Scream Serves. Each of us at Scream Agency gets 20 hours of paid time off (PTO) or paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to serve either through volunteer time or mentoring. Typically, we volunteer for some of these hours as a team, but we also have the chance to help in individual organizations as well.


Here’s a recent update on some of our activities.

Lora Ledermann Mentoring for George Washington High School’s CareerConnect Program

Lora was approached by the CareerConnect class at GEORGE to mentor students on what it means to run a small business. These sophomores came down to Scream Agency to ask questions and to video tape the interview for a business presentation. Once the presentation was complete, Lora went to GWHS to critique the presentations from the various students. The students learned about running a business and we learned about being a high school student in today’s world. A great experience for us all.

McClain Stone Volunteering with The Delores Project

McClain volunteered with The Delores Project in partnership with B Corp. preparing dinner for over 40 women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness. On the first night in their brand new shelter, McClain, The Delores Project and other volunteers cooked the inaugural dinner for the group as they settled into their new home. The Delores Project provides safe, comfortable shelter and personalized services for women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness; while also advocating for housing solutions. If you’d like to volunteer with The Delores Project see their volunteer opportunities here.

Erin Rolston Volunteering with In My Backyard

In My Backyard is a project created by RedLine Arts Contemporary Center and the Colorado Village Collaboration that aims to engage communities and change the stigma of homelessness by showing the vitality emerging from tiny home communities. This past year, they created and toured a tiny home at events throughout Denver engaging visual artists, musicians and neighbors, sharing stories and building unity in the community. Erin has joined this project, volunteering her time to help shape how this movement can move forward and impact more people. She is excited to share how this project will evolve throughout the year. You can stay updated on IMBY events, or volunteer with IMBY here.

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