Scream’s 2014 Holiday Party Recap

When writing the Scream holiday party recap this year, we thought – why not get quotes from those who lived it. As a result, we got three Beyonce mentions, a clear love of the limo, plenty of sparkle and a Rolling Stone cover.

“What do you get when you combine six outrageously good-looking people, a limo ride around Denver, and some off-the-chain T-Swift tunes? A Scream Holiday Party. Clearly. Scream hit the town this past weekend fully equipped with a stunning white jumpsuit, off-key vocals, and energy as hot as Beyonce’s derriere. And that Scream friends, was only the beginning.” – Amy

james kk amy

“Let me tell ya, there’s nothing that makes you feel more like Beyonce’s song ‘Drunk in Love’ than having a black stretch limo pull up at your front door to pick up you for the evening. Stepping inside the tinted window car in broad daylight, experiencing the black leather seats with a multi-colored neon lit full bar, floor and ceiling…I knew we were in for some fun. The kind of fun where the outside world seems non-existent for awhile.” – Robyn

“Two words: holiday sparkle. The Scream holiday party raised the sparkle roof to a “twinklie” eve. It all began in a drink form thanks to our friends at Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille and their Holiday Sparkle cocktail. Sprinkle in sparkle-poofball shoes, sparkle lapels and red-green twinkle lights racing in our limo and you have a holiday party aglow. We raised our champagne sparkle to toast a year filled with fun clients, creativity and the search for happiness. Best sparkle of the eve? The one in James’ eyes as he reveled in his first sparkly limo ride.” – Lora

“This Christmas party taught me one thing that I shall never forget for the rest of my life: riding in a limousine is the bee’s knees. I literally cannot think of a cooler way to travel, short from riding on the back of some mythical creature (and even then there wouldn’t be any cup holders, so the limo still wins).  I’m telling you, you haven’t lived until you’ve been squired about town by a guy named Vladimir, rocking out to Bell Biv DeVoe, with a bottle of the world’s nuttiest whiskey in hand.” – James

“From campaigns to champagne – Scream knows how to turn up a holiday party. As I walked out in my Beyonce inspired jumpsuit to greet my coworkers inside the limo, I felt like a senior in high school all over again, giddy with excitement over the pure glamour of riding in a long black car. From the red glow in the Cruise Room to the red shots at Don’s…I knew this would be a night we’d quickly forget – wait, I mean never forget.” – Katie

And last, but certainly not least, Gem’s recap:


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