Manliness in Movember

When the month of November comes around, it can only mean one thing: it is the time of year to adorn our normally clean-shaven faces with Tom Selleck-y goodness.Let every razor go unused and every face grow wooly with the badge of manliness, because this month no one cares if you look like a creeper.

This November (or Movember as it is commonly called), Gem and I got in the spirit and let our faces run wild. While he went with the highly distinguished mustache, I made my attempt at the full-on beard. As you can see, I was only able to pull off the just-hit-puberty starter kit beard, but you can’t fault me for trying. What was the reason for this burly display of manliness you might ask? Well, we endured the weeks of beard burn and stache rash all for the sake of men’s health. You see, Movember isn’t just a chance for men to try out the mountain man look – the true meaning of the holiday is about changing the face of men’s health by making others aware of serious men’s health issues that often times get passed over.

In other words, we chose to rock the facial fur so men would know what’s going on with their prostates. Time to #Getyourbuttschecked, people!


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