Denver: The Recent Grad’s Chocolate Shop

Like many of my Midwestern fellows, I recently traded in my Michigan zip code for a Colorado one and made it to the land of mountains, craft beer, and Peyton Manning worshippers. While my time here has been relatively short, it comes to no surprise that it has become a hotspot for recent grads like myself looking for a place to call home. It has everything that we want: beer, sunshine, mountains, and the laid-back lifestyle we didn’t find elsewhere. If life is a box of chocolates, then Denver is the proverbial sweet shop that’s got every flavor you might want.

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Making the decision to move to Denver was quite easy for me. I knew that I wanted to change up the scenery from Michigan, and I wanted a place where my vagabond spirit could run wild. That makes me sound like a drifter, but its true.  Denver is the mecca for outdoorsy behavior, and I couldn’t be happier about it. On top of that, Denver’s economy is healthy. Like run-around-Wash-Park a few times and climb-a-fourteener healthy.

Check out where else young graduates are choosing to live in this recent New York Times article.

I am pleasantly surprised by this list of cities that youngins like myself are moving to, because it tells me that kids are taking the leap of faith and creating culture in new places.  One of the best decisions I think I have ever made was to move to a place because I loved the city, not because I simply got a job there. You can’t put a price on good culture and good community, and I am thrilled that I found the right fit for me.

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