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Oh, the day before Halloween, when so many of us are scrabbling to come up with a costume idea for the big night tomorrow night. With Halloween landing on a Friday, the pressure seems to be especially high for those of us who consider ourselves to be the creative type. We’ve been throwing dozens of ideas around the Scream offices, since well before Scream Scram earlier this month. Would we go as the cast of Orange is the New Black? What about giant solo cups? Pantone colors?

We landed with Boxtrolls for Scream Scram. Something current, family friendly and easy to remove so we could get our run on.

Scream Scram 2014

Scream Scram 2014

In honor of #TBT we gathered a few photos from Halloweens past and asked for the inspiration behind the costume…

gem Halloween 1Gem McLaughlin in the West Middle School Halloween costume contest in New Canaan, CT. Gem used his early art direction skills to create the ultimate cowboy costume. Complete with fake legs, stuffed with newspaper, cowboy boots and a custom palomino paint job for his trusty steed Hawk.

kk HalloweenKatie Knoch in her home in Las Vegas. When asked about her inspiration for the costume, Katie explained that she really did it for the love of animal print and pink hair. Then added “Yabba dabba do!”

As far as tomorrow night – well, we can’t reveal that quite yet. Stay tuned and let us know how you’re getting creative this Halloween!

Championship weekend for the 2014 World Cup is fast approaching. Germany will take on Argentina at Estadio do Maracana in Rio on Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited.

Soccer has always been part of my life. I started playing in the backyard, played rec league, travel soccer, high school soccer, club soccer and college soccer for 4 years at Colorado College. I was a natural sweeper with a hunger to score goals, so I had to endure a lot of yelling from the sideline to, “Get Back!”. Even at my peak I didn’t compare to the quality that I’ve seen at this World Cup, but the rush of adrenaline still courses through my veins every time I see the ball hit the back of the net.

germany_gem Gem at age 6. Sporting the deep-v.

After the United States lost to Germany 1-0 but survived the group stage, I couldn’t help but become an “Uber Fan” for the 2014 World Cup. It was easier still when my colleagues were down for the cause. The whole Scream team was initially scheduled to be traveling at the time of the Belgium game, but everyone woke up two hours earlier so that we would arrive just before game time. It was a trilling performance by goalie Tim Howard and a sad day for the United States side, but it was great day of team bonding for Scream Agency, that I won’t soon forget.

germany_scream Scream team at the US v Germany game!

This final is special for me, even without the United States team on the pitch. My first summer at Colorado College our German coach, Host Richardson, took our team to Germany and Austria to help us learn the game. We stayed with host families, played matches against local clubs and were witness to a new brand of soccer. The German game is one of possession paired with calculated strikes. All who watched the Germany v Brazil game know exactly what I’m taking about. I don’t foresee a high scoring game fin the World Cup final, but I do foresee my former host families and German coach celebrating in the streets after a German victory on Sunday.

Thank you World Cup. See you in 4 years!

germany_blue Even Blue is predicting a German win!

There is no such thing as “birthday blues” here at Scream. What’s not to like about birthdays? Cake, wishes, presents, Throwback Thursdays…alright we admit it, that last one was just thrown in there but hey, who doesn’t love seeing old pictures?

Our very own member of the team, Katie, is celebrating her birthday this week and the excitement is felt by everyone here at Scream. To help Katie ring in her new year, we’ve collected Throwback Thursday birthday pictures from everyone on the team.

Birthdays aren’t birthdays without a little reminiscing, so enjoy these past birthday photos and don’t worry, Katie, cake is coming, too!

Let’s start with the birthday girl, Katie: Birthday TBT age 6


TBT to Lora’s 3rd birthday in Winnebago, Minnesota:


Next up is Miranda’s Birthday at Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis Missouri: Age 24


The next TBT features the bow-tie lovin’ birthday boy, Gem: Age 4


Speaking of cake, here’s Robyn getting her’s last summer.


There’s nothing like getting dressed up for a birthday, our last birthday TBT is Sam at age 4:


Ah, Throwback Thursday. A time to go through old posts, tags and perhaps even embarrassing family photos.

Luckily, here at Scream, we’ve always been pretty darn cute – you don’t have to take our word for it either (see for yourself below).

So for a Throwback Thought, we wanted to know – what did the Scream Team want to be when they grew up and did it have any influence on what you do today?

Lora (age 4)

When I was little, I wanted to be everything. I aspired to be a renaissance woman. Still to this day, I love everyday adventures in learning, activities, work and parenting. I knew I was probably right for the writing/PR/advertising/creative field when at the young age of eight, I started producing and writing Campbell Soup commercials. Granted it was on an old cassette player and for my immediate family audience but I did love hitting that orange button for record.


Miranda (age 5)

When I was little, I aspired to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader – I was a fan of sparkles and large audiences.

I gave that dream up after I visited my uncle’s ad agency – it seemed more likely that I would make clients sparkle in front of a large audience.

Gem (5, as you can tell)
Here is the McLaughlin family in Tampa, FL, circa 1985. George, Linda, Gem and Jordan.

Judging by the room decor, I think this is what inspired me to become a designer. See how that fake plant pops the wallpaper pattern. Classic.

Katie (age 3)
I wanted to be a teacher one week, an archaeologist the next; a vet one month and a writer the following; and oh, how I dreamed of being a photojournalist for National Geographic!

And as my mother pointed out when having this discussion with her, I’m a little bit of all of those today. I’ve fallen in love with mentoring interns, I am constantly digging through my purse to find things, if you know me, you know how much I care for Gordon, I write daily – from pitches and releases to tweets and posts and I’m always the one shouting “SMILE!” with my camera in hand.

Robyn (age 3)
I wanted to be a school bus driver because I loved the energy of a bus full of kids. I liked the thought of having a daily schedule, being on time, the responsibility for the safety of all the kids and always doing it with a smile on my face.

My dream of being a school bus driver did make an impact on my PR/Marketing Coordinator job today as I am the queen of multi-tasking. I’m happy to be the first one you’ll talk to when you call Scream – all while compiling ROI reports, monitoring PR clips, fixing the jammed printer, paying bills, invoicing clients, assisting with PR needs and trying to make sure the team is smiling (though its not too tough with this group!).

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