How Scream Agency #GoesBeyond

It’s been over 6 years since our inaugural B Corp certification. We became a B Corp because we love creating purposeful work that can help to make a positive change in our community. Our mantra at Scream Agency is to be seen, be heard and be good, and that is inherent in everything we do. We’re strategists, marketers, storytellers and creative artists who are always thinking about how to do more and how we can #GoBeyond, even after B Corp Month comes to a close.  

We know that the impact of our business extends far beyond our walls. That’s why, as a B Corp, #WeGoBeyond to support our local community, our clients, our partners and our team members. Here are just a few examples of how: 

Scream Agency #GoesBeyond both on a day to day basis, and through our core beliefs as a whole. Each team member is encouraged to seek clients and client work that aligns with our beliefs and motivations, whether that be protecting the environment, uplifting our communities or in any other industry that drives us to “Do Good”. Team members are also given 20 hours of paid volunteer time off a year, and are always encouraged to take the time we want and need to give back to our community.

Every team member has a voice in the decision-making processes of our company, from project and client work to internal company decisions. Every voice is heard, considered, and valued, no matter the team members’ position or level in the company.

Last year, thanks to inspiration from B Corp Month, we completed our first ever Client Disclosure Report, which discloses who we work with and why.  It also confirms our commitment to the environment in that we have 0% climate conflict clients.  

We work to #GoBeyond with our clients, too. We’ve been lucky enough to work with countless clients who make a positive impact in our communities and for our world, and have had a humbling journey working to amplify their voices over the past few years. We’ve partnered with the Gill Foundation to support their work that has been done in the LGBTQ space, with Denver Public Library Friends Foundation to tell the stories about why our libraries are a key resource for our state, and with South Metro Fire Rescue to bring awareness to our communities about the importance of fire prevention. We feel honored to have created work with these clients, and numerous others, and are looking forward to creating more impactful work this year and beyond. 

At Scream Agency, we don’t just talk about our intentions — we turn those intentions into action, and we keep doing more. The recertification process and B Impact Assessment is a great time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the years, and on the work that still needs to be done. Being a B Corp keeps us motivated to work harder at creating meaningful work with clients and team members who are making a difference.

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