Our intern experience

Photo of intern Haley MalloyUpon beginning my internship with Scream this summer, I really was not sure what to expect. I knew it would be a great experience and that I would learn a lot, but I had no idea how much I would grow personally and professionally throughout this summer. Scream provided me an amazing opportunity to dive deep into the world of PR and allowed me to use and develop my own voice and skills through it all. I was able to have a first hand look at day-to-day life working on different accounts, as well as experience exciting events such as the Outdoor Retailer Event. OR had to have been the highlight of my summer. It was exciting, informative, lively, and entertaining. I loved being able to be so involved as we represented our clients SOLE and United By Blue at the show.

 From writing and emailing pitches, to speaking with journalists and bloggers, and creating media lists of all different categories, I was truly able to experience a little bit of everything in regard to what this industry has to offer. I have gained knowledge and confidence in many areas of PR and it has only made me more excited for the future. 

Scream is a very special place to work and I am extremely grateful for my time spent here the past few months! 

-Haley Malloy

Photo of Intern Kat LibbyI’m a computer science, graphic design, and journalism PR major — which gives me a lot of freedom with whatever field I decide to go into. This can be a good or bad thing, considering it doesn’t help me narrow down my options very much. Scream was an incredible experience because it helped show me what I want to be focusing in on in my future career. Being able to work with brand names I had known all my life so closely was something that I never thought I would be doing, but I absolutely loved it. 

The collaborative energy of the office made me want to stay longer every day and come in on the days that I wasn’t even scheduled for just to be around that environment. I have never been in such a creative and business-driven workplace before, and it is something I hope I will always be surrounded by in the future.

Before this summer, I had no idea what my future looked like and now, if it looks anything like Scream and what I’ve been doing this summer, I know I’m going to be extremely content with my career and what I’m spending my time on every day. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and am so excited for the next intern who gets to work with these amazing people!

-Kat Libby

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