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Share the Adventure – an outdoor documentary film from Mike Brown on Vimeo.

So what are you waiting for? Your calling has arrived:

Learn more from our press release:

GearCommons to Select Two Crowdfunding Backers for Adventure Documentary Inspired by Sharing Economy

 BOSTON (May 6, 2015) GearCommons, a peer-to-peer gear rental company, announced today the launch of a month-long crowdfunding campaign to produce a short film to showcase how various shared economy services can be used to help get people outside. GearCommons isn’t just looking for crowdfunding backers – they’re looking for the stars of their future film.

Teaming up with adventure film production company, Cinescapes Collective (the crew filming the project), GearCommons looks to create a film that brings a unique outdoor experience to life and shows how sharing resources can make outdoor adventures more accessible than ever. GearCommons is hoping to make all of it possible through the support of a crowdfunding campaign.

By backing the campaign, supporters will be automatically entered to be a part of the story. At the end of the 30-day campaign, one of the lucky backers (and a friend) will be selected to embark on an all-expenses paid, outdoor adventure in Colorado where they will share in the experience of creating a community in the outdoor world by staying at people’s homes, borrowing their cars, and renting out their gear, all while being filmed for the documentary. Filming is expected to take place in July 2015.

“As avid outdoorsmen, we’re always looking for the next adventure and people to create those experiences with,” said Mike Brown, co-owner of GearCommons. “And with this film project, we want to highlight two friends on their shared journey to spread the word that getting outdoors can be more accessible and affordable through a peer-to-peer approach.”

Americans spend more money on getting outside than they do on gasoline, yet one of the main reasons people state as to why they don’t get outside more is the lack of access to the right gear. Thanks to companies like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Zipcar and RelayRides, people are doing more, seeing more and sharing more but GearCommons wants to take this premise to new heights. Since 2013, GearCommons has brought the idea of a shared economy to the outdoor industry through the company’s peer-to-peer marketplace. And now, with the ‘Share the Adventure’ film project, the company is hoping to bring change for those seeking to venture outdoors, whenever, wherever.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information, please contact Mike Brown at or 207.299.3574.

To find out how to get involved and back the campaign, please visit

Keep up to date on the progress by following @GearCommons on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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About GearCommons

GearCommons is a community of individuals and businesses who lend outdoor gear as a way to help get people outside.  Despite high spending in the outdoor industry, ownership of the right gear is still a main barrier for people to get outside.  Through leveraging the principles of the sharing economy, GearCommons aims to provide better access to equipment so that people can have unique outdoor experiences without needing to spend thousands of dollars upfront to buy all the right gear. Share gear. Get outside.

As storytellers here at Scream Agency, we like to collaborate with story makers. With this week being a time to be inspired and activated, along with 20 million other Americans for Earth Day, we wanted to shine a light on our friend, client and modern-day explorer Eric Larsen.

Larsen uses his expeditions to tell the about climate change and our last great frozen places. Here are a few updates from Larsen, on what’s going on with Mother Earth and why you should care:

“Make no mistake about it. The ice is melting. Over the past 10-plus years, I have seen dramatic changes in the character and nature of sea ice. The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world. Drilling in the Arctic Ocean will not only continue the destruction of this unique environment but also contribute to the plague of human-caused climate change already affecting the entire planet.”

Learn the devastating effects of Arctic drilling. 



“This Last North expedition may realistically have been the last opportunity anyone has to complete a journey of this type. Global warming is causing dramatic changes in the Arctic pack ice. Ice is melting at historically high rates and is becoming significantly less stable with each passing year. These conditions will make expeditions like this impossible to complete in the very near future.”

Watch the footage of some of the last great frozen places. 



Thanks Eric for continuing to spread the word. We’ll keep telling your stories.

An article came out recently that hinted at Facebook’s plan to revolutionize the online ad. The technique? Cinemagraphs. There’s no set date for the takeover of this “so hot right now” technique but as we prepare our news feeds for these mesmerizing images, I’ll dig a little deeper into the technique and the impact that cinemagraphs will have on your online advertising plans.

What is a cinemagraph?

The cinemagraph is the modern day version of the zoetrope, a device that displays a series of images in a set timeline to create the illusion of movement. Or even better, it’s a sophisticated animated gif thats a thoughtfully planned out collaboration between photography and video.

Why will the cinemagraph be successful?

I see serious advertisers trending away from the traditional animated gif. The days of flashing red “Click Here” buttons and frame-by-frame animated banners, are all but gone. The traditional gifs will live on but only in birthday evites, Scout II forums and g-chat conversations. Even the “Queen B” doesn’t have enough power to save this dated technique from advertising obscurity.

With cinemagraphs, subtly is the key. The successful cinemagraph contains only slight movement of one aspect of the image. This draws the viewers attention to the image and makes them do a double take as they scroll the page. “Did that image just move?” Yes. Yes it did.

(Image source: Farm 6)

With the increasing popularity of image based apps including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, the cinemagraph has the potential to reign supreme, and here’s why.

• The cinemagraph requires no interaction from the user to begin its animation.
• The subtle nature of the cinemagraph creates interest and intrigue in platforms that are traditionally static.
• The image forward cinemagraph looks right at home in the image heavy platforms.
• Finally, they’re freaking amazing!

Are cinemagraphs right for my brand?

In a word, yes. There are unlimited possibilities with this technique. It’s by no means a new concept but having Facebook kinda-sorta-maybe-almost confirming that this is going to be the new standard is exciting. As an art director with a background in video, I’m chomping at the bit to incorporate this technique into a campaign.

Let us know if you’re interested in a cinemagraph campaign and we’ll put our heads together to come up with something perfect for your brand.

Sunday morning across America men and women of all ages will participate in one of the great American traditions, the Super Bowl. They’ll roll out of bed, tuck in the brightly colored flannel sheets featuring their favorite NFL team, substitute the a.m. teeth brushing with the first chicken wing of the day, stack every bit of furniture into one room surrounding the 80 inch television that they’ve “borrowed” from work, dig through the hamper to rescue their lucky jersey from certain cleanliness, stake their claim on the tattered lazy boy recliner correctly positioned 8 feet from the viewing surface and 12 feet from each surround sound speaker, smile through their teeth as their one Patriots-fan “friend” arrives wearing eye black and a Gronk jersey, and finally settle in for a 4 hour experience with only eleven minutes of actual football action. It’s glorious!

Here at Scream Agency we’ll be among those watching the game for the non-football action. No, we’re not interested in the over-hyped cotton candy and lollipop halftime show. We’re in it for the commercials. We were bummed when we heard that NBC had sold all of their $4.5 Million 30 second commercial spots. We just missed the deadline and we didn’t have $4.5 Million to drop on an ad. What to do?

We’re constantly doing exercises to spark innovative ways to expand and showcase our clients brands. Why don’t we do this one for the house? On the cheap.

The Ask:
Create a 30 second commercial for Scream Agency for only $4.50.

The Timeline:
Before the big game.

The Result:
Here is James’ creation. $4.50 was spent on coffee and one business card.

More to come. Enjoy the game!

DENVER (Dec. 17, 2014) – Scream Agency, a full-service advertising, branding, digital and public relations agency located in LoDo, announces the rollout of their new logo. The change comes 18 years after its predecessor.

The new logo provides a fresh face to the Denver-based agency, which first opened its doors in 1997. In discussions about the logo, the team felt that creating a new look was similar to starting a long-term relationship. It began with the courting of multiple fonts, wining & dining Pantone colors and ultimately meeting “the one” good enough to take home to mom. The task of rebranding and designing the logo fell into the capable hands of Scream’s art director, Gem McLaughlin. Luckily, it was love at first sight, as “the one” was McLaughlin’s first design. The new logo is slender but strong, sharp yet not unpleasant to cuddle with, loud but not offensive. The perfect match for Scream Agency – mom would approve.

“In any industry, it’s important that your brand reflects the work you create, and it should mature over time,” says Lora Ledermann, founder of Scream Agency. “After 18 years, the logo had grown comfortable. But comfort is what you get from a blanket, not a creative environment. It was definitely time to give the logo a clean, updated, contemporary look.”

“Changing a brand is a delicate balance of time, ego, forecasting, color, emotion, false starts, do-overs, self-loathing, exaltation, happiness and finally a decision,” said McLaughlin. “Although a daunting task, it’s a designer’s dream.”

Along with the updates made to the logo, Scream’s workspace is also undergoing a facelift. As of January 2015, Scream will be unveiling its newly redesigned office. With a fresh, modern look, the agency hopes to reflect the creative culture that is synonymous with advertising & public relations.

“Change is always good,” said Ledermann. “When it’s created with a purpose and grounded in a mission and culture, it means even more.“

To keep up with Scream Agency in 2015 visit, connect and follow.


Today, Thursday, Nov. 13, has been declared as Pie Day in honor of Project Angel Heart who is selling pies this (and every) holiday season to help those living with life threatening illnesses.

Scream got into the spirit by pledging to sell pies for the nonprofit and take a pie in the face as a token of our gratitude for your support of our longtime friends and clients at Project Angel Heart.

Haven’t purchased a Thanksgiving pie yet? There’s still time – the Screamin’ Pie Shoppe will be open for sales through Nov. 20th! With flavors like apple, pumpkin, cherry and pecan – you’ll be a hit at the table, and in our hearts.

Purchase your pie for $25 today and we may just take another pie in the face in your name.


Every morning, I start my day with my friends over at Rockefeller Center – Matt, Al, and Hoda as of late – and this morning, they had OK Go on to debut the band’s newest music video for their sure-to-be-a-hit song, “I Won’t Let You Down.”

As soon as I heard them come on The Today Show, I immediately put down my mascara and rushed over to the TV to watch. Since 2006’s “Here It Goes Again,” these guys have been breaking the barrier of creativity while coming up with innovative concepts for their music videos (a lost art!). As Damien Kulash explained this morning, “We think of a thing, play with it for a month and then make the thing.” Which made me think that we should all incorporate more playtime into, not only our creative concepts, but into our daily lives.

Don’t take my word for it, experience the play for yourself here:


At Scream Agency we’ve had multiple clients approach our creative team to come up with concepts for television and radio spots, including slogans and catchy jingles. We’ve been humming tunes and rattling off random collections of words for weeks now and we’ve come up with a few great concepts. However, as we approach the testing phase of the process a scary thought crossed my mind, “Are we unleashing the next ‘I can’t get this thing out of my head’ jingle?” Whoa.

At Scream Agency we’re a collection of media junkies. Personally I’ve grown accustomed to staying on the couch for the commercials and cooking when the show comes back on. I don’t even mind when my Pandora station gets interrupted by a 30 second spot, plus I’m too thrifty (read: cheap) to pay for uninterrupted music. Because of this, I consider myself to be a commercial connoisseur. I hate to inundate this blog with constant updates on Peyton Manning’s endorsement projects, but his latest speaks to my point and happens to be my favorite commercial from the weekend.

See! I know you’ve caught yourself doing the same thing. I’m sure that you’ll catch yourself doing it later today.

So, I apologize in advance. The next jingle that you have sub-consciously planted in your brain is probably from us. “Chicken parm you taste so good!” Happy humming!

Here at Scream Agency we are diehard Broncos fans. We are so pumped for the regular season and can’t wait for the Broncos to get back to the big game. This offseason has brought us a much stronger defense with the return of a “drug free” Von Miller and the addition of former Dallas Cowboy, Demarcus Ware. And of course there’s Peyton Manning. Peyton had a busy offseason participating in the annual Manning Quarterback Camp, hosting team organized trainings at Duke and of course getting in front of the camera to promote some beverage company. Got to love his dry sense of humor. Gets me every time. Enjoy!

As resident video editor, advertising junkie and ultimate sports fan at Scream Agency, I have to recommend that you watch this video. It is the ultimate example of a simple idea executed to perfection. I’m sure you’ve seen it. But watch it again. #RE2PECT

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