Being Creative

What does it mean to be creative? It’s big thinking. Imagination. Bringing something new into being. And more. It’s a lifestyle choice. Here, in our “Being Creative” section, we’re giving a nod to people who have chosen this path to inspire us and the community that surrounds them.

Neva Bergemann is the artist for the original Scream Agency logo, launched 20 years ago in 1997. Today, Neva is living a life we all dream of – as a painter and printmaker on the island of Paros, Greece where she teaches art to both young students and adults. She is teaching private classes in painting and drawing to inspire travelers who visit Paros. She also leads the studio art courses at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, a study abroad institution for American students. She has exhibited her artwork internationally. As an artist who enjoys change, she considers choice of medium to be as important as each idea or image being created.


To see some of Neva’s other work or to attend one of her classes on the island of Paros in Greece, visit: