Challenge: Carry On is a beloved full-length, contemporary dance, live music and multimedia experience brought to audiences by Paper Bird and Wonderbound. It needed to make an impression on the creative and critical eyes at the Western Arts Alliance Conference, as well as local media and audiences who had already reviewed and raved on the performance the previous year.

Process: Scream Agency delivered something that would leave an impression: love-letter-inspired postcards describing the show were wrapped tightly in a branded linen handkerchief and passed to conference attendees before they experienced the performance live. Scream’s PR team also got a front-page headline on the entertainment section of The Denver Post the week of the show, a raving review in Westword and interviews with the Huffington Post, 303 Magazine, 9News, and OpenAir.

Results: Scream Agency continued to handle Wonderbound’s PR for two more seasons as the dance company transitioned to their new location on Park Ave resulting in 12.4 million media impressions with a publicity value totaling 1.6 million.




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