Challenge: Belmar, a retail shopping area in Lakewood, was known by locals, but wanted to broaden their audience. Getting their name out to the rest of Colorado was the biggest goal for this campaign.

Process: Scream started with research to learn more about the target audience. After looking at the branding, our team was able to determine the strategy (we created rules for colors, fonts, and event logos to support the brand). We moved on to messaging with “closer than you think” as the primary driver of the campaign. We applied it to print ads, billboards, bus tails, bus shelters, and signage to get the locals to come back and experience all that Belmar has to offer. Belmar’s refurbished website and digital media were also utilized to further reach our target.

Results: The overall brand awareness has increased and sales are up. ‘Festival Italiano,’ an annual event, hit an all-time-high of record participants and the creative platform was set.







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