The Crafty Fox

Challenge: The Crafty Fox, a new restaurant opening in the Fox Street neighborhood in Fall of 2015, was looking for a PR partner with restaurant experience to get the neighborhood buzzing about the new restaurant and bar concept. Scream’s biggest challenge was to help the business be seen and heard amongst all the noise of Denver’s restaurant industry.

Process: After a tour of the taphouse and a meeting with the owners, Scream Agency created a “restaurant roll-out” plan for The Crafty Fox. An announcement release was the first action item and was distributed and pitched to local media and food editors. From there, we hosted editors and set up intimate beer/food pairings with the owners and influential foodies.

Results: The Crafty Fox quickly became one of the most “anticipated openings” — helping the brand stand out from the stiff Denver-metro competition. In the first month alone, press coverage included Westword, Eater, Confluence, and The Denver Post with a total circulation of 1,457,853 and a publicity value of $741,659.


The Crafty Fox





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