Bike Denver

Challenge: Bike Denver wanted to encourage commuters to find alternate means of transportation to work and school on the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO. The challenge was creating a campaign that would capture the attention of students and faculty alike.

Process: Scream Agency created a 3-tiered print, digital, and experiential campaign utilizing the awkwardness and humor of the most overused interaction at the collegiate level – the pickup line. Posters were used to drive traffic towards the microsite,, which hinted at an upcoming campus event. Two weeks before the event, the non-profit title sponsor was announced along with links to and all social channels.

Results: The on-campus event was a great success. Students and faculty participated in games, giveaways and signed up for Ride On Auraria’s MyWayToGo Bike To School Challenge which is a year-round challenge that rewards participates who find alternate ways to get to the Auraria Campus for school and work.


Bike Denver


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