Save the Poles: Eric Larsen

Challenge: Modern-day explorer, Eric Larsen, needed an agency to help him spread the word and tell the story of the world’s last frozen place and inspire individual action against climate change. Through his “Save the Poles” expedition, he aspired to be the first explorer to reach the North and South Poles and summit of Mt. Everest all in one year.

Process: Given our experience in the outdoor market and non-profit sector, Scream Agency helped develop sponsorship materials, launched an ethos website that included social communities, and developed an aggressive PR campaign that supported each leg of the expedition. Up against all odds, Eric completed his epic, three-part journey and reached his goal.

Results: Billions of people reached worldwide, millions of media impressions along with national outlet appearances, speaking engagements, and thousands of new believers.

ClientSave the Poles: Eric LarsenServicesCSR, Digital, PR, Social